23 Aug The Word War: Duterte vs De Lima



JUAN SAYS: We too are in conflict much like Atty. Bruce Rivera. We may like President Duterte’s war against crime, but we too like what former Justice Secretary De Lima did, bringing behind bars those corrupt officials in the senate. We are torn.


Here is Atty. Bruce take on the issue. What do you think?


Many of you are quite interested to know how I feel about the recent word war between PRRD and Sende5. One is the President I supported and the other one is the Senator I personally know and I am caught in the middle.

And you expect me to give a verdict as to who is correct. Well, let me be honest and tell you that no one is correct. Both were tactless and gutter. It was a sad day for me when the two people I admire succumb to showbiz warfare and good taste was out the window. But why did this happen?

I cannot blame our President. Years of being the favorite whipping boy of Maam Leila has taken its toll. Years of allegations as an extra-judicial killer already got to him. And she is not stopping, not by the looks of it. And she has the pulpit to showcase her accusations and the media publishes every detail. At some point, bumigay na din si PRRD. Napikon na din siya. I would be furious as well. Just remember that during the campaign period, DU30 suffered all kinds of character assassination from the De5 allies Roxas, Celdran, Trillanes, Paredes etc. from being a philanderer, rapist, sociopath, uncouth, plunderer, uncivilized and despotic. Now that he is President and expected some peace and quiet during the first 100 usually given as a courtesy to a newly-installed President, the tirades never stopped. He just lost his temper. And a 71 year old man is entitled to his outbursts.

I cannot also blame the Senator. She wanted to be consistent. And she is. Knowing her character, she will not just kowtow to the Presldent because that is not who she is. She is her own person and she dances to her own beat. Maam Leila is stubborn and it takes a lot to change her mind. And she admits to being human and the frailties of being human. I remember talking to her the first time the video issue surfaced and she was clearly miffed by how distasteful it was. And I agree. True or not, to leak a private act which will not prove anything but merely satisfy the prurient interests of the peoole who expect a telenovela and demean someone is something I will not adhere to. If we want to prove her connections to illegal drugs, the authorities can do it without subjecting the citizenry to acts of gross copulation. There are things that should be private in the spirit of good taste.

Both acted in way that leaves much to be desired. And who is to be blamed?

Tayo pong mga mamamayan. Lahat po tayo. The Yellows for being too harsh on PRRD and unaccepting of his leadership. The Duterte supporters are to be blamed as well. Aside from demanding justice, we also want blood and a show.


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