28 Jul The Simplification of PNoy’s Latest SONA



By Carla Bianca V. Ravanes


Six years ago, I was a wide-eyed 21 year old and was pushing for the country to vote for Gibo when the country’s first son ultimately became our new president. We all knew what pushed people to vote for him but in my head I was optimistic because for an unmarried heir, he couldn’t possibly be as ruthless as those before him.

It’s safe to say that as his government grew so did my understanding of it. I used to be a disgruntled idealistic teenager who absolutely detested the Arroyo administration because we were told to. With this administration, I have become more understanding of his plight and the weight he carried on his shoulders. It didn’t take one man to build a nation along with its traditions, laws, and culture and it won’t take one superhero to make it all right either.

Through the years I wish he could have done better to become a stronger leader but PNoy never led with an iron fist and maybe that’s where his strength lies. I don’t agree with everything he has done or how he has reacted to crisis like Fallen 44 but I believe he has done what he could to the best he knows now. There are also still educational goals to be met but there’s progress to be seen. Our strong economic growth may be attributed to the seeds sown by the previous government but he has harvested them well. The amount of corruption he has exposed may have not completed an entire “tuwid na daan” but it has at the very least, opened the door.

I couldn’t help but grow emotional as PNoy gave his goodbyes. For some reason, his government is the one I have personally connected with and seeing his growth over the years reflected that of the Philippines we know now: a baby taking little steps to growth. Often we keep looking for big changes (but really our traffic system needs to be revamped and no, we don’t mean new confusing ticketing devices in the MRT) without appreciating the small ones. I dare say we have come a ripple’s way from six years ago. At least now more people have jobs, more foreign investors are coming in, and more kids are in school. It’s not much, but we keep forgetting that PNoy is human and that the reason he’s there along with his team of legislators is because we put them there. We can’t keep voting for people then grill them because they didn’t produce what we hoped they would. Let’s be discerning. Lahat ng manliligaw sweet and promising sa umpisa, so go beyond sweet speeches to see the depth of a candidate. If Pnoy’s term really disappointed you, your complaining won’t make anything change, your action does. Let his term serve as a reminder that as a democracy, the choice is ultimately up to us.

Also, that drama at the end is crude and ruthless behavior. The man slaved away hours in our own version of the White House rather imperfectly but he did dedicate his life to it even if we don’t agree with how he handled it, the least we can do is show some respect and not taint it with a crass over the top kabastusan. Even criminals don’t deserve that. As Filipinos, we’ve always been known for our hearts, why not give that benefit to our leader? If your little stunt actually made the changes you’ve been wanting to see, I dare you to send it to us and we will write about it.

With that, I bid goodbye to you Mr. President, thank you for your service and even if it was not perfect, job well done.


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