06 Feb The President to address the nation today



JUAN SAYS: The president is set to address the nation today at 6:30pm. If reports are correct this will be the time when he admits to “full responsibility” of what happened in Mamasapano. That is after he tried washing his hands on the incident as he said in his first speech, three days after the bloodbath in Maguindanao happened.
“He wants to end it all by taking the blame,” a source related, adding that everybody was laughing because this was the first and only time that two Palace factions – Balay and Samar – agreed on a position: to dissuade Aquino from making such a TV address.
Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. and Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas II of the Samar and Balay groups, respectively, reportedly advised Aquino against appearing on TV to accept responsibility, as such would only complicate and worsen the situation.
“Can you imagine that? It’s the President against everybody,” the source said, laughing. (Read full story here)
Too late the hero. It is the same pattern as what he has done after the Mamasapano incident. He went on haitus for three days and comes out of the “bat cave” to address the people. Ginagaya mo ba ang Resurrection? On the third day He rose again? Now you got our attention again, and we wait for 6:30p.m., cringe at your words (or the lack of depth and meaning to what he is about to say; oh and spare us of the martial law story please).
Kris Aquino will once again take the opportunity to defend her brother and bring the spotlight back to herself (yes after making peace with Judy Ann and making it known publicly). And the circus continues.
Please Mr. President now that you have our attention, please make it worthwhile. No more bullshit. No more lies. Give us the truth, and we all deal with it right after, as a nation, as Filipinos.


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