02 Feb The President from Oz



JUAN SAYS: We don’t know where our president came from. We too were hoping that he would be somewhat like his parents or even close, just like what they say, the apple does not fall far from the tree. It didn’t all right. But why did the apple tree bear fruit to an ATIS. (Note: Fruits were not harmed in this article. It is just used as an illustration. We love atis. We do! We do! More than we love Pnoy. Swear.)


By J.J. Garcia

It’s been a question plaguing my thoughts for the past four years. Wherever has this man come from that he is incapable of functioning as a rational being would in running the country? It took the massacre of the 44 brave men of the PNP-SAF for me to come to the realization: he is from Oz.

He has no brain

A man capable of thought would, together with his two good friends Ochoa and Purisima, would know that since none of them had combat experience or terrain familiarity, help would be needed to plan an operation that risked so many lives in order to acquire a high value target. A man with a brain would know that key individuals in the PNP, the DILG, and the AFP should not be kept in the dark to ensure that back-up forces would be ready and waiting because every minute counts to save lives.

 He has no courage

In the wake of the deaths of our brave SAF men, he hides. For four days. What the country hears when he finally emerges is nothing but a lukewarm attempt to downplay mistakes made and no real call for justice. A real man admits when he has made a mistake. A man with courage would declare that the MILF will be made to pay for their crimes. Instead, we get a man who considers giving the go signal a “rhetorical matter.” Coward. Just like his friend Purisima who has run to Saipan.

He has no heart

In the midst of national mourning, the self proclaimed Father of the Nation is absent at Arrival Honors for the bodies of the brave men he sent to their death. Grieving families and an anguished country need to see their leader feeling their pain with them. But no. He attends the inauguration of a car plant because, as he says , that is what was in his schedule. It seems that it what is important to him. He attends the Necrological Services the next day – and arrives over an hour late. He gives a speech and once more makes it all about him and his father (who, frankly, is the only Aquino who deserved to be in public office). Where is the empathy? Does he not feel the sorrow that has spread throughout this country? But it seems he is not capable of it, because he has no heart. Spending 12 hours talking to SAF families does not change public perception and only raises questions if he truly listened to what he heard.

We have a President who exists in his own delusional reality that is deaf and blind to the cries of anger of the Filipino people. If only he had a brain. If only he had courage. If only he had a heart. If only Filipinos didn’t get blinded by the yellow-ribbon road that gave him skills and virtue that he never had in the first place. Tsk. Such a costly mistake for us.

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