15 Jan The Mystery Behind Leni’s ‘Good Girl’ Aura



JUAN SAYS: We don’t understand. We simply don’t. Every time the President suffers from “foot in mouth disease,” our facebook timelines are filled with LENI. Ugh. Leni. We don’t know what is with the Leni fever that every oligarch or an oligarch wanna-be is all praises for her. What has she done anyways? Sure she is a lawyer, a once upon a time legislator. Sure she passed some bills and voted on some, but isn’t that her job? A job that she is just performing and it is NOT exactly an earth-shaking, must be put on a pedestal kind of thing.


The thing is, there is really NOTHING to Leni. Nothing that is worthy of so much praise she enjoys on facebook. It is as if she is a God sent, a woman who rides the bus and enters through the back door of Congress because she supposedly doesn’t like the red carpet brouhaha that was. She is still the woman who left the country at the height of the storm at Christmas time and couldn’t fly back to help her beloved Bicol because, as she explained, she found it difficult to book a flight back home.

Why do we adore Leni so much?

It feels like it is a comparison between two individuals: the President and the Vice President. Just because you hate Duterte’s guts, then you are for Leni. Oh Leni. The widow. The one who hasn’t done anything bad. The woman who is less of herself because she shuns the limelight way back when. But is this really enough? Oh Leni. Reminds us of Cory.

Cory was the stand in during the Snap Elections of 1986. Any unknown candidate would have been a choice against Marcos because people were simply sick and tired of him. Kahit magbobote, malamang iboboto ng tao, wag lang si Marcos. But then again, haven’t we all learned our lesson? The Cory Aquino we thought was the mother-savior of this country turned to be well, one of the worst Presidents this country has seen until her son became one.

We can’t praise people for being seemingly untarnished. We can’t praise people for not doing anything short of noteworthy. We can’t praise people just because they seem to be the Sunshine Barbie standing beside Darth Vader. We can’t validate people base on what we don’t know about them. We can’t and we shouldn’t because that is short of stupid.

We don’t know about you, but if it were up to us, we would hold off on the praises, on the Virgin Mary kind of veneration, because there is really nothing venerable about Leni.

If there is any information that you can share with JUAN on why Leni is short of a saint, please do let us know. Because we are clueless.

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