21 Jan The ‘Most Moving Moments’ of Pope Francis



JUAN SAYS: As Cardinal Antonio Tagle quoted Pope Francis: “This visit was for me.” It has been written in foreign articles about the life of Pope Francis that his heart belongs to poor and under privileged. We are guessing that this is exactly the reason why he chose to come to the Philippines, to be with the suffering, those who are looking for the hand of God amidst their losses and helplessness. It was never about being praised, nor hobnobbing elbows with the rich and the socialites. It was never about being in some sort of a social event which starred the Philippines rich and famous. He came from Argentina, we worked for decades in the slums of Argentina, don’t we all think he can see through all our pretentions and desire to have photos taken just to be part of the “in” crowd? Indeed, we think that the pope has become as shallow as we are. Sadly, we just don’t get it.



Pope reveals

‘most moving moment’

in Philippine visit

Source: abs-cbnnews.com


“The most moving moment for me, the mass in Tacloban was very moving. Very moving. To see all of God’s people standing still, praying, after this catastrophe. Thinking of my sins and those people, it was moving, a very moving moment. In the moment of the Mass there, I felt as though I was annihilated. I almost couldn’t speak. I felt very little, I don’t know what happened to me, maybe it was the emotion,” he said in an interview with reporters.
“And then the gestures were moving. Every gesture. When I passed and a father would make this (gesture) and I blessed him, he would say thank you but…for them, a blessing was enough. I thought, but I who have so many expectations, I want this and I want that. This was good for me, no? Moving moments,” he added.
“The other thing is the weeping. One of the things that is lost when there is too much wealth or when values are misunderstood or we have become accustomed to injustice, to this culture of waste, is the capacity to cry. This is a grace we must ask for,” he told reporters.
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