02 Jun The Mess We Created Ourselves: The Cover Up



JUAN SAYS: If you are in your 40s and wrinkles are starting to show, you change the brand of your make or you look for the kind of make-up that gives you maximum coverage. From primers to concealers to foundation, the more it hides the lines, the better.


While we look at make-up as a necessary tool to hide our blemishes and lines, we can also say the same for the many things we do and say to cover up the truth. It puzzles us why we have constantly been afraid of truths and we oftentimes cover it up with lies to make others believe in something else. What is it with truths that haunt us, that make us feel uncomfortable handling it? When we face the truth, doesn’t it set us free?

Take the case of the Marawi siege. Everybody questions the Martial Law declared by President Duterte. Sure we understand the fact that Marawi or Iligan City for that matter is just a dot compared to the whole island of Mindanao. In a matter of perspective, why does the government have to repeal the writ of habeas corpus in the whole Mindanao when it should be contained in Marawi City. That is the thought process behind those who do not exactly understand warfare.

Imagine the geography of Marawi, the mountains, the rivers, the lakes. All the passageways that these bandits can escape to. IF Martial Law was declared only in that small spec of a province, how then can they be captured should they escape to another province in Mindanao? Martial Law contains them. Sa totoo lang, lumiliit ang mundo nila.

Another case is that of Resorts World. People speculated that it is a terrorist attack. It was even reported in the news both in and out of the country. Many couldn’t wait to jump in on the bandwagon. And until this very hour, we believe that there are still those who think that it indeed it is one. But that, to us, is beside the point. Would it matter if the attack was ISIS instigated? An attack is an attack. The only thing that terrorists want is to spread terror. And even if it is not of their doing, they will claim it, just to instill fear. And with how we are all acting, the are winning.

Here is the thing, we delve too much in finding the truth when the truth is already staring us straight in the eyes. There is a war going on and we are masking it with the drama of declaring Martial Law. There is an attack in one of the biggest casinos in the country, and we mask it with speculations pointing fingers at the government. Hindi ba talaga natin kayang harapin ang katotohanan? Walang may gusto ng magulong bansa. Bakit ka nakikisali sa gulo? Hindi ba pwedeng pumirmi ka at manahimik? Hindi ba pwedeng makiisa ka na lang at tumulong?

That is the problem when we don’t want to see the obvious truth when all we want to do is blame others for what is happening around us. We don’t need to mask it with your words or your intellectual discourse. We need action. Let the truth be as it is no matter how ugly. And we as a nation should stand up to it and say YOU CAN’T TEAR US APART!


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