01 Sep The INC Plot Thickens: Who is Bullying Who? We are asking the same question



JUAN SAYS: The plot thickens as netizens react to the unfolding of events in the INC episode, and not all reactions are baseless and emotional. We found this posted on our facebook wall and we deemed it necessary to publish so many would be able to hear other sides of the story. This came from human rights advocate Franchesca Chai Aquino Cerone. Read up JUANs and let us know what you think.
What media puts out there is just never what it seems to be. I have learned this with several issues especially a case last year when the public was made to believe one thing — while the Truth was squashed by a network.
Reality is the “little people” they send to do the dirty work for them are the last to find out facts — the rallyists are screaming “separation of church and state”. I agree, however, is this really the issue?
One, INC cannot claim separation from church and state because every time they endorse a candidate, they negotiate for appointments in government positions. When they endorsed Noynoy, it was apparently Kris and one sister who met with a key person of INC — INC asked for some appointments including appointments in COA (INC people made sure they cover their trail when they have meetings so don’t think there is no evidence to this). There goes the “separation of church and state” they are fighting for. INC strategically positions their own in NBI, PNP, and other government agencies including DOJ.
The sad thing about all these is that there is indeed corruption in the INC — are the general members aware that Santos purchased his new home in Forbes, purchased for 450m in cash just two months ago? That’s not public knowledge, but I know the agent.
The INC has the right to be angry because DE LIMA has a very bad history of abuse of her power and influence. She files or dismisses cases in favor of those she serves. She has no qualms in selling her position and follow orders in exchange for personal career support — using media and hired media spin doctors to favor her.
According to a key person from the INC, this rally is about standing up to bullying of the current administration into endorsing a candidate. Endorse or face charges, they were apparently told. INC should stand up to this — DE LIMA shouldn’t use the case filed to put pressure on INC endorsement.
I agree that the government should look into the abduction case, but discreetly. Not use it as a pressure or blackmailing.
I am watching evil destroy evil. An organization who abuses its influence and power versus a woman who does the same.


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