04 Oct The Hypocritical Black Shirt



JUAN SAYS: We have to give to this opinion. She has a point though.


By Lorraine T. Badoy

Di ko ma-help mang alaska, grabe.

Yung sa Ateneo-La Salle game na mag wear daw ng black to show their disgust over the killings they’re certain are extra-judicial. At ang pasimuno ay si Jett Villarin, SJ — pangulo ng Ateneo.

Naalala nyo sha? Sha yung nakipagchikahan kay Imelda when the Ateneo Scholarship Foundation invited her to be their guest of honor Yes, guest of honor. LANG NAMAN.

Sheesh, Ateneo. I was fifty shades flabbergasted and on more levels than the Sears Tower when I heard this.

Jett Villarin remembers to fight for human rights only when it suits him — this is what it looks like from where I’m perched.

May wacky pose pa at the end of the evening with Imelda.

Ang chummy diba?

He could have drawn a very clear line that evening when he saw Imelda Marcos, chief human rights violator– if what he says is true — that he cares madly that human rights be upheld in this country.

As clear a line as those black shirts.

The hypocrisy rankles. (What is it with men of the cloth and their propensity for hypocrisy, I wonder? Another topic for another day.)

(To be clear, those killings worry me and I would like for them to stop too but I am not the naive fool who thinks those killings were ordered by the President. And I would like for the war on this problem that’s held us hostage — the drug menace–to be fought and won.)

But all that’s water under the bridge. To be fair, I hear Ateneo has mended its ways and now teaches Martial Law consistently where before it was spotty.

So back to the alaska I can’t help but dish out.

I heard the whole call by the padres of Ateneo and the brothers of La Salle to wear black was a big flat fall-on-their-face moment.

Such good news to me because I see it as the Filipinos starting to wake up and using their own kokotes and no longer automatically following whatever issues from the pulpit.

I heard though that the entire Ateneo team wore black at the opening (where La Salle stuck to their beloved school colors) and more of those who wore black were Ateneans. Statement na statement diba?)

Ang statement pala nila ay may ESP sila kasi hindi lang sila talo, tambak pa. Araw pala ng pagluluksa nila. Tamang tama ang black. 😀

(Atenista ang anak ko, La Salista mga kapatid ko. Full disclosure. Malinis ha. Walang kinikilingan. Alaskang tutoo lang. :D)

My Atenean friends, those who wore black, for this alaska, beer’s on me. And a hug for the loss.

For my La Salle friends and my 6 brothers,

Hail hail alma mater, hail to De la Salle. We’ll hold your banner high and bright, a shield of green and wahahahayt. We’ll fight to keep your honor bright and never shall we fail. Hail to thee our Alma Mater. Hail, hail, hail!

(My favorite school song. Short, sweet, yabang. Wala ng we stand on a hill ganon. 😀 )

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