18 Sep The Fall from Grace



by Noemi Montenegro
I believe she is a Filipino. And foundlings should have all the right to be Filipinos. Being ampon or napulot is not the issue. I also do not take issue with her renunciation of her Filipino citizenship in the past. But I do take issue with her beating around the bush on when she reacquired her Filipino citizenship, and whether such act at that time will satisfy the residency requirement for any higher office that she will seek. If she is not YET qualified, what’s the hurry?
She became a presidential race front runner only because people were desperate to find an alternative to Binay. Binay cannot be fought on the level of integrity and competence because his followers do not understand nor care about those ideals. He has to be fought on his own game – popularity. 
It’s like trying to cure a headache by smashing our heads to the wall.
And of course, the company she keeps is suspect, foremost of whom are Chiz and Erap. Chiz wants a shortcut to the powers of the presidency, because he knows he can never be one. Why sweat it out if he can just ride on the Grace express and be her Rasputin? As for Erap, he needs a friendly tenant in Malacanan to get Jinggoy out of jail. And there are many more who are ready, willing and able to take every opportunity to take advantage of her lack of political maturity to put forward their own agenda.
She ran over Abaya during the MRT probe. She took Purisima by the horn during the Mamasapano hearings. I thought she was taking the high ground. But then she took a bite of the forbidden fruit of presidential ambition, and she quickly transformed from full of Grace to a wheeling-dealing tra-Poe.
Her quick-to-the-draw pandering to the INC showed that she is more concerned with popularity rather than in supporting a government that is trying to do its job. Maybe she knows that popularity is all she has and nothing more, and thus the need to keep it afloat at all cost?
And talking about political maturity and being able to see the forest rather than just the tree, the recent INC fiasco stripped her character bare naked in front of a public desperately looking for rational voices amidst that imbecile chaos. She has proven to one and all that she is as trapo as the dirty old men she keeps company with in the senate and in the presidentiables horse barn.
The fall from Grace – I never thought it would come so soon. But it thankfully did.


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