05 Aug The Day Binay Snapped



By Beting Laygo Dolor
No, no. Vice President Jejomar Binay did not lose it when he gave his version of the State of the Nation Address at the start of the week. He lost it a long, long time ago.
I do not know the precise date, but I do know that something in his head snapped in the early months of his first term as Makati City mayor.
Actually, he started out as an OIC-mayor, an appointee of the late President Cory Aquino. I’m sure that she is shedding tears in heaven at what has become of the little lawyer who liked to march with her in those anti-Marcos, pro-Ninoy days.
His heart may have been in the right place, I do not know. But somewhere along the way, the little lawyer – this is not an insult, everyone knows that Binay stands below five feet, technically making him a midget – went, well, nuts.
While the exact date is not known, he more or less confirmed that he was no longer functioning rationally when he lambasted what is generally referred to as the “Makati business community.”
Specifically, he said he was hurt and insulted when they refused to invite him to their social functions.
Oh, he got invited to official functions all right. But he never had the chance to hobnob with the Forbes Park crowd of Ayala Avenue CEOs and board members and chairmen of Top 1,000 corporations.
How painful it must have felt to have to gatecrash the occasional party or cocktails at the Polo Club. There, he must have been looking up – midget man, remember? – at all those good looking Tisoys who wore suits or tuxedos as a matter of course.
 Perhaps some would shake his hand, then head for the nearest wash room to rub alcohol on their mitts. Few, if any, would have engaged him in small talk.
But he was the damn mayor of Makati! How dare they treat him like their driver.
 So I would hazard a guess that somewhere along the way, he vowed to get even with the Makati crowd. And what better way to get even than to acquire more wealth than them?
He had every opportunity, of course. After all, Makati remains the country’s business capital. The city’s income is in the billions of pesos.
There were many ways to teach those big, bad Tisoys a lesson. Since he was CEO of the city, he saw just how large his budget was. And he also saw that anyone needing a permit or any other document would have to pass through him, if he so desired.
He also decided back then to ignore the spirit of the Constitution that says a person may only serve three terms as mayor. The charter was silent on three terms, then having a wife or son take over, then coming back for another three terms, etc., etc., etc.
So now he is rich beyond his wildest dreams. But there is still one lesson he wants to teach everyone. He wants to reveal his true nature. He was never pro-Ninoy and anti-Marcos. In considering the son and namesake of the late dictator as his running mate, he has shown his true colors. And boy are those colors dark.
Bongbong Marcos may or may not be Binay’s vice presidential bet, but in merely considering him it can be confirmed that something inside the little lawyer’s head has snapped. The man is simply loco.


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