04 Mar The Binays and what are they in POWER for



JUAN SAYS: Whatever issues the Cojuangcos have with the Aquinos is their business. But please do not drag the whole country into this.
In his statement of support for Vice President Binay, former lawmaker Mark Cojuangco said: “He is super industrious, not boastful, very approachable, listens before judging, listens before talking, listens before deciding and very capable,” he said.
And this is supposed to make him a really good President? We have boiled down the highest position of our land to being a friend? And suppose he has all that, we now forget that he is also being accused of plunder along with other members of the family? So we’d rather have a faithful friend for a President than someone who is clear of corruption?
If our votes are as loonies as the Cojuangcos, then we too are screwed. Too many times we have heard the story of this family uttering the words “what are we in power for?” oh too loosely and we couldn’t help but just wriggle in eeewww. What are they in power for nga ba?
JEJOMAR BINAY, Vice President of the Philippines, accused of plunder in relation to an over-priced multi-million-peso New Makati City Parking building contract (among many other ‘common-knowledge-things-in-Makati’)
ELENITA BINAY, former Mayor of Makati City, faces two counts each of graft and malversation, in relation to the alleged anomalous purchase of P45-million worth of hospital beds and medical supplies during her incumbency as Makati City mayor.
JUN JUN BINAY, incumbent Mayor of Makati City, co-accused in father’s plunder charges.
ABBY BINAY, Representative 2nd District of Makati. Critics of the Binay family had accused the congresswoman of allegedly committing conflict of interest and graft by allocating millions in pork barrel funds to Makati City, whose mayor is her brother, and to a foundation organized by family friends. Read more here.
NANCY BINAY, Senator of the Philippines. Well, just read the article and watch this video. Do we need to say more?



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