21 Apr The Best President We Will NEVER Have



JUAN SAYS: It is a fact that we have all narrowed down our choices to four, and we have forgotten whom we have all once believed in when she first ran for President back in 1992. We have come to believe that our votes will just be put to waste if we cast it according to the dictates of our hearts. Oo nga naman. Many people are clamoring for Duterte, maybe the same set of GenXers who once rallied for Miriam Santiago. Truth be told, we know that there is a good number of us who still want to put a mark beside Miriam’s name come election day, but we are hampered by our thoughts and we are scared that if we do so, we are actually giving a fare chance for the wrong person to win. But is this what election is all about? Is it too idealistic to say that we are given the right to vote, and not to be part of the calculating set who’d sway us to vote their way just to eliminate the bigger evil and put the lesser evil in place? Has it come down to this?


The very people who once fought for Miriam, are the very same people who are choosing to side with the most “win-able” candidate rather than the one whom they believe is the best person for the job. This is the sad reality.

By Manny Castaneda

I have decided to vote for Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago and I shall be part of the measly 3% (based on recent survey) who will vote for her. Clearly, I will vote for a candidate whose chances of winning are almost nil.

It may appear that I am beating a dead horse. But then, my vote for Miriam Santiago is not meant to elect her as president but more to honor her. It is my way of expressing my utmost respect and admiration to a feisty lady for her principles, courage, intellectual brilliance, mastery of the English language and yes… even her theatrics.

If only circumstances had been more favorable for her, if only she has no health issues, I am confident that she will become a runaway winner in the coming elections. It is a pity that her candidacy is overrun by adverse circumstances that has mired her desire to finally put our country in order. An opportunity she had already lost before and will elude her again now.

Fate has it that Miriam Defensor Santiago will not be the next president of the Philippines and most probably will never become a president of our country … making her one great president we never had.

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