13 May The 2nd Quake in Nepal and the bigotry of some Christians



JUAN SAYS: So Nepal experienced another earthquake and this time 42 have been reported dead. We all feel for Nepal right from the first earthquake, and it was indeed heart warming to see that many are praying for Nepal. But from the first quake that shook their country, we think that more than prayers, they need all the help that they can get. Prayers are good too, especially for those who are devastated, who have lost their loved ones and are disoriented, feeling dismembered from mother earth’s “wrath.” We feel you Nepal, we really do! But what we are not feeling are certain people who make weird and insensitive comments about how the Nepalese faith may have brought this fate to them. We mean common, let’s stop being self-righteous bitches here for a second, kasi ang sarap ninyong pagsasasampalin! These are the kind of Christians that disgust us. Just because you belong to a certain sect or certain religion does it mean that you are spared from natural disasters? For all of us to be spared from natural disasters we must all adhere to a certain belief or certain religion? As far as we know, being a Christian or accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior only gives you a guarantee of a life after death, but NOT to spare us from difficulties, trials, problems, not even calamities. Wow naman. How entitled can Christians be?!
And this, dear friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the problem we see with some indoctrinated Christians, those belonging in the sect called “born again” (and we don’t mean this as a derogatory term since some of us from JUAN are born again Christians too.) We have become too narrow, too clannish when it comes to our belief in God. We choose to label other Christian religions as non-Christians just because they don’t share the same faith as we do. So pag hindi nagtataas ng kamay tuwing worship at kung hindi nagiiiyak at naglulupasay when we are touched by the word, non-Christian na? Agad agad? Fallen na? Nag back-slide na? How did we become so exclusive to the point of branding other religions as “non-believers” when in fact these religions (Catholics, Protestants, etc.) do believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. And please (eyes start rolling here) do not even start with them not having a personal relationship with God just because they are not Born Again, when in fact being a Born Again Christian is not about having a religion. Who are we to say that Catholics and Protestants do not have a personal relationship with God? Kasabay tayo pag nagdadasal sila? Kasama natin sila araw-araw? We do not know, ergo we can’t judge.
We are tired or bigots and hypocrites, the worst of its kind and even the early signs of bigotry. We are just tired of some people who think they know better tell us how to live, how to pray and how to have a relationship with God. Each is to his own. Walang pakialamanan how we choose to pray, how we choose to live Godly lives. And not because we don’t fit in your standards does it mean that we are unbelievers na. We will never win souls that way. Seriously.


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