02 May Tatlong Mukha ng Problema ni PNoy



JUAN SAYS: Indeed in many ways and many times, we have been critical about President Aquino and his government, from the days when the Mamasapano killings broke out. We too have been at a loss when Mary Jane’s story surfaced two weeks ago. And just like many, we too were asking the very same question: “what the f** was the government doing? Nagpapalaki ng b***?! We were as upset, as any Filipino would be, upon hearing the story of your kababayan victimized by a big drug syndicate, thereby putting her life on the line for something she did, that she didn’t have knowledge about. Generally speaking, she was a victim of circumstances, of desperation, of the lack of employment opportunities in the country, that pushed her decision to “pack her bags” and leave for greener pastures. No matter what the conditions. Kapit sa patalim. Bahala na si Batman! We’d like to believe that any mother would do that. Heck, anyone who has mouths to feed and kids to send to school would do that.
We all know the end of the story, the poor Mary Jane landed herself on death row but due to a miracle, she was given temporary reprieve by Indonesian President Jokowi, to the relief of the Filipino people especially those who prayed for Mary Jane to be saved. We thought that the worst was over, and it is only just a matter of time (and further investigations from our government of the newly-surrendered recruiter of MJ) before Mary Jane will be set free. But we all got the shock of our lives when Mary Jane’s family came home.
Mary Jane’s family arrived in the Philippines, and while we were expecting them to be grateful that their daughter was still alive, even when their hopes were dwindling away the last minute, God answered their prayers. To our dismay, we saw an indignant mother who says that it wasn’t the government who helped their daughter, but the groups of volunteer lawyers and the activist group Migrante.


In our previous article (Jowoki listened to Indonesian Activists and it’s NOT about the Aquinos please lang), we already stated our disgust over the hype that the government takes all the credit to Mary Jane’s reprieve. However we cannot discount the fact that President Aquino also pleaded for the life of Mary Jane even if it were just three phone calls to the Indonesian President. Ang point dito gumalaw siya at hindi lang nga nga. In the very recent report “Mary Jane Veloso and being on different sides of the elephant” on Rappler, it was explained how the government worked under the radar of the media and admittedly, it was part of their tactic NOT to make such a huge hype since doing so may have a grave effect on Mary Jane’s case. The Philippine embassy has been working on the case naman pala. But not as how we would want it to be – publicized na parang telenovela. Kumbaga, iba ang diskarte sa gusto natin. Pero dumiskarte pa rin.
Sandali lang, sino ba kasing dalahira ang nagkakalat sa TV at instagram na si PNoy ang gumawa ng lahat at humirit pa ng I LOVE MY PRESIDENT? Sa pagkakaalam namin ay hindi si PNoy mismo ang nagbababalandra ng sarili nila sa social media upang isali na naman ang sarili kasama ng mga kapatid sa pagkakaroon ng panandaliang katahimilan sa isyong ito.
Mrs. Celia Veloso, we would like to believe that you are barking at the wrong tree. If your issue is just about taking credit for something that they didn’t do, we’d like to believe that you are wrong. They did something, even if you think it was just a little thing, they still did something. A phone call, a different tactic, a comforting word, those are little efforts that we could be grateful for considering the circumstances. Diba kung may magsabi man lang sa iyo ng “we are here for you, ” kahit hanggang salita lang, would make you feel less alone in this fight. However, if your issue is about announcing to the world that they are the only ones who should be credited for Mary Jane’s last minute reprieve, eh alam na natin kung sino ang nasasakdal! Kung gusto po ninyong mampako sa krus ng salarin (and we say this figuratively) – IPAKO SA KRUS SI KRIS AQUINO!
If we follow the statements and speeches of PNoy, he isn’t really into the habit of taking credit for anything. He is more popular in blaming the previous administration or the Marcoses for anything unfortunate that has happened in this country. That is his trademark. Not taking credit. So to accuse President Aquino of taking credit for something is really not in his character. He can’t even accept responsibility for the Mamasapano debacle, take credit pa for MJ’s fate? If Mary Jane was executed we could have predicted his speech — a speech full of blames and hugas kama and possibly blaming the past administration for not being able to stop illegal recruiters and drug dealers. Yan, PNoy na PNoy yan. But today, that is not the case.
In truth, it wasn’t him who posted on social media, re-grammed and reposted by many, quoted by media about taking credit. It is, in reality his sister Kris. And this (taking credit issue) has all the handprints of Kris Aquino — not being quiet even if she tries, putting the spotlight back on herself, for being the Presidential Barker, exposing what PNoy thinks, says or feels or whoever he is dating, just to be talked about or quoted, thereby being at the center of everybody’s universe. That is all Kris Aquino.
You are misinformed Mrs. Veloso. Please do not blame PNoy. You are pointing fingers at the wrong guy. You are making him the “underdog” and you know very well that we all love underdogs. Now instead of getting the sympathy of the Filipinos, you are getting on our nerves. Ikaw pa tuloy ang lumabas na inggrata! We understand where you are coming from and we get your point, but blame the right person naman. Condemn the right person naman. And many of us would gladly side with you. Hindi yung ganyan na halos wala ka ng pinag iba sa kanya. Kulang na lang makipag cross hands ka sa ibang tao and be at the end of the human chain holding hands with someone non-existent. Stop playing the blame game. Now you are making him kakawawa. And we can’t stress this enough, everybody loves the underdog. Remember, kahit inis ang marami kay Kris Aquino, pag umiyak yan sa TV dahil sa STD at attempted rape (daw) lahat ng tao nakiki-iyak sa kanya. That is the power of the underdog.
Mrs. Veloso, learn from it. Use it. Be the underdog too. Play the kawawa card. Don’t listen to those socialists groups. Play it like how Kris does it, only, be grateful, be humble and don’t be the center of the universe. Remember Kris is cute only when dubsmashed.


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