25 Sep #TakboPaMost: Will He?



Weber N. Amores
The said schedule, Oct 12-16, 2015, indicated in Comelec Minute Resolution 15-0214, set the deadlines for the application of political parties and party lists for the 2016 polls.
This may very well be the final turning point, window, of the Davao strongman.
Groups across the nation supporting and pushing for the candidacy of Duterte are still very persistent in convincing the famous Mayor to reconsider running for Presidency. To address what many ponder as a ‘moral obligation’ to the country.
Invitations to come on Saturday (Sept. 26) to the grand meeting in Burnham Green in front of Quirino Grandstand flock facebook newsfeeds to gather support and attendance – as a show of force and expected political machinery.
Hopes of his reconsideration to run linger stalwartly.
On September 21, 2015, he called a press conference asserting further his position to void the idea of running in the coming Presidential election. In addition to, Mayor Duterte stressed his reasons; he is old, he doesn’t have the money to remunerate a national campaign, and his family does not approve the intention to run due to his health.
Moreover, he added that the magnitude of corruption is way too proliferating that he will not be able to address it in his entire tenure if ever he wins.
Mayor Duterte’s name was placed third in the survey result of Pulse Asia published in June against Poe, Binay, and Roxas. See here: PulseAsia Research Inc. Media Release (June 18, 2015) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3b9qPFV1cRDdUlsWVZ1QzFnQWc/view?pli=1
The fear of losing could better be one of his reasons for not running.
In the thoughts of many, it is not just to end corruption but also to eradicate (better word for killing) the corrupt politicians. It is surely the optimum goal why he is the popular choice to become President.
Supporters of Mayor Duterte aspire to bring the glory of Davao in a macro level that is the Philippines. Supporters are still persistent and the ‘Call for People’s President’ on Sept. 26 is now building up.
The result of this move will translate greatly to the future of his candidacy, if ever he considers. Things can change. Nothing is permanent.


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