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JUAN SAYS: So the Iglesia Ni Cristo members ended their rally yesterday. We all thought that the netizens would feel elated that the longest highway in Metro Manila is no longer congested come work day Tuesday, but this sudden “change in weather” has posed more questions in all our minds, so what gives? Anyare? Sa totoo lang, hindi pa rin nasasagot ng buong buo ang ating mga tanong kung bakit nga ba sila nagra-rally in the first place. At anong hustisya ba ang isinisigaw nila ngayong wala pa namang naisasampang kaso sa kanilang mga punong ministro?
If we are still talking about the Mamasapano tragedy, then yes, everybody is for you. But how come we, the rest of the citizens of this country, really feel that this tragedy is just being used as a smokescreen for the “bigger picture.”
We found this statement of the lawyers of former INC minister Isaias Samson asking the very same questions. We the netizens who have been asking, ranting and grievously affected by the traffic in EDSA are demanding answers. And yes, the governments “no talk, no mistake” policy is really that annoying already. Kasalanan ‘to ni Gloria Arroyo! Pustahan?
Statement issued today 31 August 2015 on the alleged “agreement between the leadership of the INC and agents of the government:
Dear President Aquino and Sec. Mar Roxas:
The members of the INC who participated in the rally are now going home. Their leaders have cited an “agreement” with government. What is the nature of this agreement? What are its conditions and terms? It is our client who had unintentionally set off these events by filing his case, yet somehow we have not been included in this so-called agreement. Assuming of course there is one.
Yet it is not accidental that the leaders (who are also respondents in Isaias Samson, Jr.’s case for illegal detention) have been very vocal about this so-called agreement. The idea is to make the public feel that they had flexed their muscle and the government has responded in a manner favorable to them. The idea is to make us feel that in relation to whatever it is they were rallying for (or against), the government has capitulated. And sadly that capitulation may involve trampling on the rights of our client.
There are two things you need to do, sirs, speaking as part of the body you call your bosses. First is to be transparent with your agreement. Tell us whether or not you’ve sold our client down the river or tell us if you haven’t. But you need to disclose this to us. A criminal case is not a political pawn. The law provides that it cannot be compromised. The president can grant pardons and issue clemency and amnesty. But you do NOT have the power to refuse prosecution.
Second, you must guarantee our client a fair hearing at preliminary investigation. The fear now is that given the so-called agreement, a finding of “no probable cause” to make this nightmare go away for the INC’s Sanggunian is a very real possibility. And your silence is not helping.
Finally, you would not have raised so many doubts had you been transparent with these proceedings, had you included our client. Whether you stood up to defend him, or sold him out, he had and has the right to know. Instead, you conducted it in secret, and now you have made your ability to deliver justice subject to a very real, very reasonable suspicion.



Counsels for Isaias Samson,Jr.


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