02 Feb Sino ang Tunay na Bakla?



JUAN SAYS: Do not mess with the word Bakla!


The Third Sex’ Response of Indignation:

With all due respect to the distinguished journalist, Mr. Erwin Tulfo, we the respectable and honorable bekis of the Republic of the Philippines, feel that it is derogatory and profusely insulting to be put on the same level the current commander in chief and self-imposed “Ama ng Bayan.” In reference to your definition of the word ‘bakla’ (adjective: a coward; someone who does not take responsibility), we vehemently protest to this unworthy use of metaphor of our chosen gender preference. This is in no way representative of the values we espouse. The Philippine Beki (or bakla as we are most commonly referred by the common citizenry) is more than just a representative of your so-called definition of the ‘bakla.’ Please let me have the floor to enumerate this:

1.  The Bakla is not a coward. Beki’s will fight for their family’s and loved ones survival to the death. We do not fear humiliation if it is for the greater good. Just walk into a gay comedy bar and let’s see who will go howling out the door in less than an hour. True men and bekis can stand the abuse inside that arena of vicious gays and transsexuals.

2. The Bakla can take the role of a Nanay and a Tatay (NayTay) when their parents can no longer work, the Bakla is the provider of the family. The Bakla will fight bullies, especially those who put one over his/her siblings.  She/He will work any job to make his/her family more comfortable, especially during Christmas time.

3. The Bakla is an epitome of modern Filipino artistry, from areas of fashion, design and architecture, landscape, culinary arts, jewelery crafts, we have been able to make our presence felt in such a short amount of time that Filipinos have just begun to accept our presence as citizens with a different gender preference of equal footing to the heterosexual men and women. Aja!

4. The Bakla is a colorful picture of strength and beauty, referring to some more masculine and not so out of the closet – we are the new Adonis(es) sporting a chiseled look, every man longs to be and every woman wishes their husbands and boyfriends hopes to look like. Oh how many of the ladies have wished that we would sire them a child (wink, wink). And of course one or two of us are in the PNP and Armed Forces as well. We… are… everywhere.

5. The Bakla is downright smart.  In all sectors of our country, private and public, in the echelons of power and in the humble beauty parlors of your neighborhood, we are also a big part of the foundation that holds this country together. Imagine the power of the pink peso for the growth of many industries, companies, and establishments either directly or indirectly.

6. Thus Pnoy is not Bakla, by virtue of exclusion perpetua, we renounce any form of connection between the ‘baklas’ and the bekis of Philippine society by reflexive theory of geometry. And yes, this is an indignation protest.

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