30 Mar Shame on You VP Binay! You are not an LKY FAN!



JUAN SAYS: We do like Senator Frank Drilon, we do. And to be FRANK about this, we have no qualms about him being the representative of the Philippines and a stand in for President Aquino during the burial rites of the late Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Pero #NasaanAngPangulo? As head of state we were expecting President Aquino to clear his schedule and fly to Singapore in time for the funeral. After all, it was on a Sunday, he could have dropped a scheduled family lunch just to be there. Mahirap talaga pag wala sa schedule ang pagkamatay ni Lee Kuan Yew. Sandali, baka naman may planta ng kotseng binuksan? Hindi. Hindi lang daw kasi sila CLOSE. Diba? President Aquino once said: “In general, I don’t attend wakes of people I don’t know.” Well, how can he empathize with someone who was said to have patterned his style of government from his father’s very own rival? Much more, someone who believes that discipline is far more important than democracy – the very essence why his family is in power today.
But what puzzles us more is the absence of the self proclaimed heir to the throne of Lee Kuan Yew. Where is VP Binay in all these? Diba he said he is the Lee Kuan Yew of Makati? We’d like to believe that VP Binay was clearly misunderstood by the media. He could’ve meant LEE KUM KEE not Lee Kuan Yew. After all Lee Kum Kee has the best and the blackest hoisin sauce, tausi sauce and chili garlic in the market today. Birds of the same feather, make a feather duster.
We were all disturbed with the Vice President’s audacious comparison of himself to the late Singaporean leader but we are more disturbed that he didn’t make himself available to attend his “idol’s” funeral. Parang JAMICH lang yan diba? Nung namatay si Jam, mahaba ang pila ng fans. Dapat pumila din si VP Binay kay Lee Kuan Yew. Parang Madonna concert lang yan eh, kahit mahal bibilihin mo lahat ng tickets sa harap. Parang One Direction, iniyakan mo ng nawala si Zayn.
Pero hindi. What happened to Vice President Binay? We all expected him to stand by his word and his leveling himself on the same pedestal as LKY. We expected more empathy, sympathy and everlasting love from the Vice President since he is more able to give these feelings rather than PNoy who can’t even say sorry. Sawa na kami ha! VP Binay please do not tell us that you don’t have money for plane fare. 2 Billion ang Makati building, walang pamasahe? Labo. We do not understand your actions Mr. Vice President. Why didn’t you go the Mich Liggayu route? Why didn’t you make a selfie video expressing your undying love and admiration for LKY? Why? Kung si Mich nga nakuhang magvideo, boyfriend and namatay. Ikaw pa? Asan ang tribute video mo para sa idol mo? Wala kang kwentang fan! Where is the saklaan, the videoke, the biscuit, the zestos, and the Makati hagads that should’ve been the escort of LKY’s cortage.
Where are the free FPJ movies for the Filipino OFWs to watch while visiting LKY’s wake, where is the birthday cake and the groceries for the senior citizens? Nagpadala ka ba man lang nang corona sa patay? Where is the free Zumba to keep the mourners awake and healthy?
Where are the 3-in-1 coffees? Pinapak mo bang lahat?
Yan tayo eh. Magaling sa salita, kulang sa gawa. Tagay mo huy!


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