12 Feb Saklolohan, pero ‘best efforts’ lang.



PNoy gives ‘guidance’ to WestMinCom: ‘best efforts.’


SOURCE: Interaksyon.com

Maj. General Rustico Guerrero confirmed, when asked by Partylist Representative Antonio Tinio, that he had sent a text message to Brigadier General Edmundo Pangilinan, commander of the Philippine Army’s 6th Infantry Division, saying, “Best efforts without endangering our reinforcing troops per guidance from the President.”
It was Pangilinan who had testified before the Senate on Tuesday that “there was no request for reinforcement” from the SAF while its troopers were engaged with MILF fighters.
Iyong best efforts without endangering our troops, kung ikaw iyong SAF, ano’ng iisipin mo? Saklolohan n’yo pero best efforts lang? Kaya nga nasisingil ang AFP di ba, na parang kulang ang ginawa. Baka it has something to do with the guidance of the President,” Tinio added.
JUAN SAYS: The following comment was posted by veteran journalist Arlyn dela Cruz and we have opted to let her speak on behalf of every JUAN:
The 12-hour gap explained in two words — “Best Efforts!” Kaya pala. The hearing has revealed many realities on the ground and the truth that all police and soldiers, officers and men involved in the operations and the rescue mission were just following orders. Gen. Guerrero sir! Thank you for revealing and giving light to that stage of the story. The PNP-SAF went there with full commitment to neutralize Marwan. The SOS call was not ignored by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. “Best efforts” is not the way a soldier would have responded to fellow warriors who were there on a legitimate, moral and inherent duty as law enforcers. If many saw the incident as a suicide mission, the question that is begging to be answered is who really abandoned them to die in the hands of a group where the government is pursuing peace. And at what cost? And Deles et al are in denial that the the area is MILF territory when in fact the MILF admitted on the first day that it was their troops that clashed with the PNP-SAF. Why call for a ceasefire on the on-going firefight when it was not a bloody engagement with the MILF? Soldiers and policemen, officers and enlisted personnel just follow orders. By all means let us pursue peace. No to the road back to war. It’s an ugly and painful road to take. But let us not forget the things that are revealed by the Mamasapano operation.
JUAN SAYS: Mr. President, sir, bakit nyo po ginawang DOTA ang laban ng #SAF44?


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