20 Jan QUESTION: Why does God let bad things happen to good people?



JUAN SAYS: We are also baffled, trying to find the answers to the little girl’s question. We too are asking the same question. Why does God let bad things happen to good people, to the innocent, to the helpless? But as we searched for the answers, we then thought of a bigger question: Why does God let good things happen to bad people?
We can only wish that the universe works that way, that we can comprehend how God works in many of our lives. But to the many who have the privileges, who are learned, let this be a wake up call. It is not enough that we shook the hands of the pope, nor that we had taken selfies while being inside the MOA arena, like being there was your ticket to heaven. It is not enough. A young girl cried to the pope, and we all could hear the ahhhhsss in the background as the pope embraced her. Now what do we do next? Hopefully we don’t just go back to our daily lives and be absorbed with our daily problems of what to put on social media as our OOTD, nor what to eat so we can use the #foodporn. Children are getting abandoned, raped and forced into prostitution, and all we can think about is posting our selfies on instagram? How shallow have we become.
A Commentary by William Clough
Why does God “let” bad things happen to people?
Simple. God is portrayed as a male authoritarian figure by religions because that’s how people (human beings) can understand a concept that is so far out of their minds that if they have nothing to relate it to, there is no way for them to be able to fully comprehend it.
If this thing or being or whatever label we put on it is powerful enough to create planets and universes, how then can we understand it?
We can’t even understand the fact that we are destroying the planet we live on every single day. We are so out of touch with ourselves that we value things and use people and we go to church on Sunday for a chance to dress up and show off our fancy clothes, yet largely forget everything the priest or pastor said by Monday morning.
Consumer capitalism has us going to church to pray and be with “GOD,” yet in reality, most people treat things and famous faces like “GODs” (celebrities, money, cars, houses, the wealthy etc.) and people as objects (victims of war, total strangers, squatters, vagabonds, the guy who takes out your trash or the maid that sweeps your floor).
How so? If you offered the public a chance to win a million dollars or a chance to feel the love and appreciation from helping a person in need, what do you think will get a better response? How many people would sign up for each one? The answer is obvious.
Maybe the question the young girl should have asked is “why do so many good Catholics flock to church for a chance to feel holy and kiss up to the Pope, yet treat each other like shit on daily basis and typically not care about people like her because they don’t offer them a sense of material value in return?”
News has spread around that police were locking up street kids in filthy conditions, beating them and pretty much de-humanizing them just so the pope wouldn’t see an embarrassing reality. I’m willing to bet that the police who locked these kids up and the politician who gave the order were attending the
Inspired by Pope Francis and a young girl’s question on Rappler.com


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