14 May Please Enlighten Us: Why we can’t believe the Binays’ claim to innocence



JUAN SAYS: The Vice President and his family are in boiling waters as of late, and while we would like to believe that this is just a ploy by others to thwart him in his bid for the presidency come 2016, we couldn’t bring ourselves to believe that. As a compassionate individual, the train of thought should be “INNOCENT until proven GUILTY,” but is it just us? Why are we having a hard time giving the Binays the “benefit of the doubt.”
Let us be clear before we continue writing this piece. We have nothing against the Binays and we don’t know them personally. We have heard stories from people who were once close to them or are working with them in Makati (yep, no matter how much you pay them, there will always be slip ups. It’s too hard to lie about the truth, honestly). But that’s all we know. We follow the news just like any concerned citizen of this country, and somehow, we formulate our assumptions and truths based on what we read. Newspapers and news websites wouldn’t be around for years and decades if all they reported were crap. Besides, news stories about the Binays got us thinking and are slowly piecing together what we have heard from the grapevine.
We too were amongst those who didn’t understand why their daughter Nancy ran for the senate, and we too were amongst the judgmental majority who thought that Nancy wouldn’t do anything in the Senate. If putting herself up as a hot air balloon during last year’s SONA is an achievement, then we are mistaken. If giving her 5 minutes to another senator during the Mamasapano senate inquisition was a good thing then she should have stuck to it instead of interpolating during the closed-door sessions with much nonsense. Wala pa bang dubsmash si ate? Baka mas cute siya doon!
And just yesterday, we read on the Inquirer that the Binay camp sent them a letter, warning them about publishing the frozen accounts of the family and even went as far as threatening the daily of being persecuted to the fullest. Yeah, at natakot niyo nga naman ang Inquirer. If we would discuss this amongst ourselves, this action by the Binays puts them on the “guilty” stance rather than that of the innocent. Ano nga bang itatago mo kung wala ka namang itatago? So what if you have amassed BILLIONS and it will be put in the public’s scrutiny, if you know deep down inside that you have become this wealthy, out of your own sheer pawis at tiyaga. Hindi yung nangungurakot ka? Why be afraid of putting this out? BIR does this all the time. The Forbes List does this all the time. Anong problema? Hindi namin getz.
The Binays have a habit of interpreting the law differently and using the law to prevent the public from knowing them better, yung totoong sila ha. Yung tulad ng naririnig naming sinasabi nilang “this is what we are in power for.” They are smart that way, knowing the law and knowing how to use it. But we would like to believe that the Filipinos are smarter, we do not want to take in anymore of the bullshit. We are tired of being abused by corrupt public officials, no matter how many times we get cakes and groceries for our mother’s and lola’s birthdays. We are tired of the trapo antics. We are just tired of being robbed again and again.


And just today, Senator Nancy accused Sec. Roxas of instigating this probe as propaganda for his bid for the presidency. No matter how much we want to believe that, we just can’t bring ourselves to. It is another case of “the pot calling the kettle black.” Oh shit.

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