25 Feb Pinipili Ng Mapiling Ina



JUAN SAYS: This is not about winning the second round of the presidential debates as declared by the editors of rappler.com. In truth we would like to say that none of the presidential candidates came out with something new. This is not about how good a corporate speaker Senator Grace Poe was during the entire time. And why shouldn’t she be? She was trained in the US, honed by the corporate jobs that she once upon a time had. This is not even about her demeanor where she showed class and a calm spirit as she delivered her arguments about certain issues about her not-so-thick government resume and her inexperience to run a country. But this is about her being a teacher as evident in how she prepared and handled herself during the debate.


She has been criticized by one of the aspirants for the presidential post as being a teacher, that her only experience was just being one. And while this may not be a big of an issue just like her citizenship, we would like to stress on this one question: what is so wrong on being a teacher? We are not exactly fans of Grace Poe, but there are many things that we agree with her especially during the inquest of the Mamasapano encounter last year. However we did disagree with her on her stand on the INC issue which we felt was a bit expected of a “trapo,” something that we did not equate with Senator Poe (but seeing who her running mate is paints the entire picture). But to belittle Senator Grace Poe as just being a teacher and her experience in nurturing preschoolers is something that we would like to give opinions about.

We at JUAN.com.ph have high respects for teachers. We recognize the fact that we wouldn’t be where we are today if it were not for our teachers. Truth be told, our first teachers were our mothers, and as we progressed to attend formal school, our teachers became our second parents. They gave everything they’ve got just to make us understand the lessons we needed to get good marks, they’ve been nurturing our faith in God and even us as persons were too honed by teachers from kindergarten up to earning our college degrees. We can’t belittle teachers. We just can’t. Teaching is a gift. It requires a certain form of passion to be supportive of your students even when they are considered to be mentally challenged. It takes a certain patience not to give up on people when they themselves are giving up.

What then does this mean for the Presidency? What then does this implicate if we have a teacher for President? We will put this simply and a bit naïve if you may, but having a teacher for a President may just show the kind of passion that one may have to bring forth something better in our communities and in our government. At the very least, we can be assured that she will NOT give up on her projects especially when it benefits the marginalized sectors of our country. She will be caring but strong enough to discipline the citizens. She will be tough, yet loving, just like how our teachers once were and our mothers if you put it that way. But will this be enough to make us vote for her come May 16? We need more clear cut direction on how she plans to execute what she intends to do for the country. Where will she get the budget and what makes her think that her priorities will actually work? This, in all its entirety is another story. And we leave it to the newspapers.

As for our second point, we surely appreciate Grace Poe’s teacher-like demeanor – calm, collected yet full of knowledge. In truth, this is a total contrast to Senator Miriam’s feisty demeanor. Grace just shows exactly what her name suggests – grace. It sends us a clear message that you don’t need to shout nor use foul words for your point to come across. It shows us that you need not carry a “big stick” nor speak with a “loud voice” just to be heard and understood. It will take an ample amount of gray matter in between your eyes and tons of breeding, which we think Grace has. Never mind if she smokes like a chimney or drinks scotch like a fish. We love a woman who is full of breeding but can handle a drink.

But the thing that bothers us about Grace is this – ang putla ni Ate! Mukha talaga siyang eskayola sa cake! Sino ba ang make-up artist ni ate at bakit pinabayaang lumabas yan sa TV ng naka powder lang. Habang nanonood kami, ang sarap talagang lumusot sa TV, umakyat ng stage at sumigaw ng: “CUT! What the heck! She needs more BLUSH ON!”




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