27 Sep People Find Meaning in Pope Francis’ Rainbow Connection



By Justin Joseph Torres
The human mind is capable of hermeneutics. Our minds can assign meanings even to the most mundane phenomenon. So I won’t rush to accepting this event as supernatural.
Nevertheless, the phenomenon is not without great value.
Rainbows have always been around. They are everywhere. There are millions of them everyday. But why the fuzz over it?
Yes rainbows have always been there, but because people seldom look up to gaze at them.
This article from NBC (read full article here: Rainbow Connection: Refracted Light Follows Pope From NY to Philly) describes that the rainbows have “dropped jaws” of fascinated people in New York and Philadelphia. Had it not for Pope Francis’ visit, they may never have “looked up the sky”. They may have simply let it pass as an ordinary event. Or worse, they can even deny these rainbows ever appeared.
When was the last time that we looked up the sky? When have we last appreciated nature’s beauty? When have we last been fascinated by God’s creation?
When was the last time we looked up to search for hope coming from God over the bleak facticity and anguish of our existence?
When was the last time we cried out, let out a ‘sigh’ looking up in prayer and not down in hopelessness?
When was the last time we smiled over a rainbow and told ourselves that yes, ‘There is a God’?
I am glad that the people of the United States, once again, have started looking up the sky because of Pope Francis. Saying ‘he gave them hope’ is a credit he himself would be reluctant to accept. Let’s just say that he pointed them to the sky to see the rainbow.
Clearly, hope is always there. It’s just that we are always looking down.
It is not about the rainbow but about people who started looking up. Again.


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