05 Feb Palace apparently has ‘in denial’ syndrome



JUAN SAYS: This is not the first time that we have seen the palace falling into the “in denial” trap. After calling the views of the public (as explicitly shown in practically everybody’s social networking sites) as microscopic (read it here), to calling #NasaanAngPangulo trending hashtag to ‘views of the minority’ (read it here), and now this. Palace gives another excuse why SAF Troopers met the President with silence. What excuse would they give then to the exclusion of PNoy in the PNP’s tribute video (read and watch it here) to the #Fallen44?
The Palace avoids acknowledging, thereby elevating the people’s (and that goes for the whole Police force too) unrest to uncontainable heights. But it is evident, there is unrest, a show of low morale amongst the PNP ranks and the citizenry (what morale? It just flew out the window the moment the President repeatedly failed to deliver answers to all our questions). We are all seeking for answers and it is not wise to brush off the public’s clamor for the truth. We will not be pacified unless we are assured that justice is on its way. We urge the palace to acknowledge the truth, to embrace the fact that we can see the lies in between half-told truths. Until then, the Police will repeatedly give you a cold shoulder and the public will not stop from airing their disappointments. Facebook and Twitter comes to the Palace’s disadvantage. Now they must deal with that.
To everyone in the palace, this indeed is the time to Shhhhuushhh it with the BS. (Read it here)


Silent treatment from SAF

was due to lateness of the hour,

says Palace


Source: GMAnetwork.com

“Ito po ay naganap noong 12:45 a.m…. Pansinin din po natin, buong araw nandoon na rin po ‘yung mga kagawad ng PNP-SAF at nakikiramay din doon sa pamilya ng kanilang mga kapatid sa paglilingkod sa bayan,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma, who was present during the meeting, told reporters on Wednesday.
He also enjoined the public not to interpret the silence as a negative reaction to the President’s statements on the Mamasapano encounter, which left 44 PNP-SAF members dead.
“Hindi po siguro dapat na bigyan ng iba pang kahulugan dahil sa nakikita ko naman po ay pinakinggan siya nang mabuti ng mga kagawad ng PNP-SAF at wala naman pong ipinahayag na negatibong reaksyon sa Pangulo noong pagkakataong ‘yon,” Coloma said. (Read full story here)

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