28 Apr NO SELFIES HERE: Sophia Bush Shocked by Death of Ex In Nepal Earthquake



JUAN SAYS: Famous One Tree Hill Alum, Actress, Activist, and Feminist Sophia Bush was saddened and shocked upon learning that her ex-boyfriend, Google executive Dan Fredinburg, was killed in the Everest avalanche as triggered by the earthquake in Nepal.
Instead of making herself the center of attention (or taking selfies to remind us that again, even in the aftermath of chaos, it is still about them) Sofia takes to instagram a post honoring the love and friendship she once shared with Dan.
Sophia reminds us and 1.5 million of her followers to show love those whom we live when we still have time. In many ways, time is not our bestfriend. We often get lost in the expectations of life that we forget to show appreciation to people surrounding us. We get lost in the games and in the hustle and bustle of life forgetting that the best part of life is the people we love.
Life is short. Time isn’t exactly on our side. Be grateful for every minute you have. Breath as if it were your last. Grab your cellphones, call your parents, tell them how much you love them. Stop playing games and be still for once. Hold someone’s hand and sincerely tell them you love them without expecting anything in return. Because today, maybe the only day you get to tell them that.
For those who wish to help those who were affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal, please click the link here:
No need for selfies thank you.


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