08 May Nakapili ka na ba?



JUAN SAYS: Here is our take on the Presidentiables. The JUAN team has not arrived at a consensus on whom to vote for President, so we are taking our separate ways on this one. But unlike many who have argued because they are on different sides of the fence, we have managed to act like civilized people and respect each other’s differences. Because that is how people should live. You can’t shove it down other people’s throats, no matter how hard you try. So who will be the last man standing come Monday? We can’t wait to find out.


DUTERTE – the last man to file his certificate of candidacy for President. People say he is reluctant in running for the highest position of the land. His ways are unconventional. His claim to fame is what Davao is now – from a no man’s land, to one of the most peaceful cities of the world. He promises to fight criminals in six months. Clean the country as he did Davao. His ways, not exactly our more popular ways. What many fail to realize is the fact that Davao is not the whole Philippines. Davao is a sentimental story. It has a sordid past. It was chaos back when Duterte was still an ordinary citizen. Shots fired at night signaled that there was another bout of killings. Salvage was a common word understood by both the old and the young. People grew tired of the unrest, and Duterte came along. People followed because the only choice they had was that – to follow or go back to an uncertain past filled with violence. As for the whole Philippines, each island, each province has a different past. Manila is filled with pa-intellectuals who know nothing but challenge the system. The bigger question is, when Duterte wins on Monday, will the pa-elite, pa-intellectual and the pasaways of Metro Manila follow him? Will they be accepting of his stiff fines? Will they chew their cigarette butts once Duterte comes and make them swallow it whole? Will the hottest clubs follow the curfew? That, we can’t wait to see.

ROXAS – he comes from a family of popular politicians and statesmen. It is in his blood, and if you believed in the stars, you would like to believe that being President of this country is his destiny. Backed with an undergraduate degree from one of the top business schools In the US, his oh-so-familiar family name; and a string of positions he has held in government, Roxas should be the top choice and seemingly the most qualified of all the candidates. Pero hindi lang naman iyon ang tinitingnan ng tao. His ties with Aquino has for certain tainted his wealth of experience in government – SAF 44, Yolanda funds, MRT/LRT issues have dragged him down to where the survey says he is. We see another Aquino in Roxas, and truth be told, so did Korinna.

POE – a former ally of Aquino and the Liberal Party. She bolted out and ran independently upon the prodding of her running mate Chiz Escudero (that is everybody’s guess). She does have a concrete program for her government should she win. Some think she is fresh, in a good way. A neophyte in politics may serve her good. But upon hearing her endless runabout answers in the last presidential debates, one would simply be reminded of her annoying running mate Chiz, who like her talks in monotone. We all thought that favors would turn against her when the Supreme Court voted on the issue of her citizenship. But it turned out otherwise. Knowing her party alliances before this whole circus, Grace is perceived to be “the other candidate of Aquino.”

BINAY – only one word comes to mind, MAKATI. This is the summary of his campaign slogan. This is his is only claim to fame. We all know that the moment he won the Vice Presidential post in 2010 he already started campaigning for his presidential bid for 2016. But his “history of corruption” has taken the best of him, or maybe not. He used the catcalls hurled at him as a tool to further his cause. Pandak. Nognog. Pero may nakalimutan siyang isama. Yung salitang “Corrupt.” It surveys would turn out to be the reality on Monday, we can definitely say that people are no longer impressed by Makati. We are not. Are you? Eh traffic kaya lagi sa Makati.

SANTIAGO – dubbed as “the best president we will never have.” She once ran against President Fidel Ramos and was backed by the youth in the 1992. She claimed that she was cheated, and until today, we believe that she was too. She is brilliant to a fault. Too brilliant that she is branded as cray-cray. But two decades later, cray-cray is the new cool. Everyone is cray-cray. Today, she is faced with another issue. While many are convinced that she is the most qualified of all the candidates, she is unfit to serve the country because she is sick with cancer. People are too afraid to give her their votes because she may die soon and not fulfill her obligations once elected. What we all fail to realize is that, everybody dies and nobody is promised a tomorrow.


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