01 Oct Miriam and Duterte: The Philippine Dream



by Angelo de Guzman


I remember when I was 11 years old, I was rooting for Miriam Santiago for President, my father was not her party-mate (he was Mayor at the time), yet I didn’t care. Maybe the child in me could see and fight for at the time what the other adults could not, but back then I had no voice, I couldn’t even vote.

Come 2016, we are given the chance to correct that mistake of letting Fidel Ramos run the country. In serving government since I became a doctor, on occasion I would encounter retired generals and they would affirm that indeed it was Miriam Santiago who won that presidential race. I wondered if I should keep a count of how many said that, not that it would matter. But here we are again, faced with Miriam Santiago wanting to be President of the Republic of the Philippines. On one side, people would not vote for her, saying she is sick and might not last through out the presidential term, and who knows the kind of Vice-President from Hell we could be having for a President. Thinking things through, she has cancer, she has nothing to lose. Instead of being corrupt and dying anytime and being remembered for that solely, I don’t think she would dare. She has lost a lot because of her genius mind, her presidency, because people would call her insane or “baliw”. She lost her son via suicide, heaven knows what was the reason, maybe because he didn’t want to disappoint his mom.

I believe she would die fighting for what she believes in for this country, to be the best and disciplined it can be, and maybe just maybe when she finally meets her son in heaven, he would say “i’m proud of you mom”. But what would make the Philippine Dream come true? What is the Philippine Dream? The Philippine Dream is a country free from its own self bondage of accepting corruption and self-interest before national interest, as depicted recently in the film Heneral Luna starring John Arcilla. The Philippine Dream is having leaders who have the balls to make it all happen. It is making people feel, “finally I have someone worth voting for”. It is a dream where leaders have competent and upright successors. We all know 6 years might not be enough for change, but 12 years, that’s a good start, and the only way to do that is if Rody Duterte becomes Miriam’s Vice-President. Think about it, Miriam has the support of students, has great experience to begin with, she is popular but what if her illness gets her early, then you’d need a credible Vice-President. Here Duterte comes in, whether or not Miriam will finish her term, her influence and kind of leadership will rub off and give further credibility to Duterte. And we all know, Duterte can whip Escudero’s a** in the vice presidency anytime of the day. Duterte has the votes of those whose hopes hang by a thread for this country, they are the desperate voters, they are honest people tired of being oppressed. Both supporters of Miriam and Duterte are powerful and influential, but apart they can do very little. Together however, they can be a valuable support to sway the vote of the masa, which is the majority vote. The masa are the votes which Binay, Roxas and Poe desperately want, they know the tired middle class will not vote for them, the ones on facebook, but they don’t care, that’s not their target.

So think wisely, supporters of Miriam and Duterte, talk to your heroes, think deep about working together, alone they have 50/50 chances of winning, but together, they may shock the political world, a tandem that outrageous has never been heard of or seen, and it might just be our country’s last hope into winning back our freedom from the last of our colonizers and oppressors – OURSELVES.

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