05 Aug Minsan Nagkakatalo na lang sa CUTE!



JUAN SAYS: So let’s pretend that we are shallow and that we will vote on 2016 based on personalities and not on merits, like most Filipinos have voted in the last elections. As we have stated previously, due to our shallowness, we are still 50-50 on voting for Roxas next year and his choice of spouse didn’t give us the much needed push to swing us to actually tick on his name come election time. But this might just change our minds. Little did we know that Mar has a son and a cute one at that! He is actively joining the rallies for his father and actively campaigning for Roxas to be President. Now that’s a looker. (To see more photos, click here.)
Considering all things being equal and we throw in the garbage the numerous plunder cases of VP Binay and his family, we’d like to believe that Paolo Gerardo Roxas will still have that power to swing us to the side of Roxas. Para sige, magandang tingnan ang Presidential Family. Kesa naman sa ganito?
We will always take to heart what Madame Imelda Marcos once said:
But then again, we are NOT shallow. In fact, we voted and will continuously vote for Bong Bong Marcos just because we think he is cute!
Are you ready for the campaign trail this coming elections? Oh we are! Shake our hands Paolo! Have a groupie with us and you get our ticks for your dad! We go for cuteness any time, any day. And NO we are NOT shallow!



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