30 Apr Mary Jane’s Temporary Reprieve is NOT about the AQUINOs.



JUAN SAYS: Contrary to the hype that the Presidential sister Kris Aquino has managed to spread throughout social media and online news websites, it was NOT all because of PNoy that Mary Jane Veloso was given temporary reprieve. Sorry to rain on your parade Kris but to be totally honest about all of this, Mary Jane has been incarcerated in Indonesia for 5 years without support from the Philippine government and the Philippine Embassy in Indonesia. She suffered in jail, something that she shouldn’t have gone through if, on day one the Philippine government represented by our embassy has stepped in the case of Mary Jane. Two weeks before she was set to face the firing squad was the only window where the government and the embassy stepped up to the plate, so to speak, because Filipinos from all over the world were already clamoring for the government to do something. Kailangan lagi na lang kaming nagtatanong ng #NasaanAngPangulo?
The three phone calls of PNoy to Jakowi only played so much. The truth of the matter was, Jokowi called on Migrant Care Executive Director Anis Hidayah to be present during the cabinet meeting set prior to the execution time of Mary Jane. If you read Rappler’s story on it (How Indonesian activists helped change Jokowi’s mind on Mary Jane), it can be deduced that Jokowi has heard the cries and please of the world to save Mary Jane, because everybody who fought for Mary Jane read and knew her story and believed that she was innocent. And unlike some President that we are so familiar with, he consults with people, not just his allies, but even those who are in opposition of his views.
The key to his turning point decision was this question posed by Anis: “what if Mary Jane was also just a victim?” referring to what happened to Siti Zanaeb, an Indonesian migrant worker who was beheaded in Saudi Arabia for murdering her employer. It was said that Zanaeb was abused by her employers. In Anis findings Zanaeb was just a victim of the situation and had no other choice but to kill or be killed.



After reading your hyped up story and reading this on Rappler we just couldn’t believe that all credits must go to President Aquino. He appealed to Jokowi, yes. He should. It is his job. But if we were to put ourselves in Jokowi’s shoes, wouldn’t we be asking “why only now? Why are you asking for this only now when you could have done something from day 1.” The government could have provided better defense lawyers for Mary Jane during the trial. They could have helped facilitate in looking for a professional translator to assist Mary Jane in relating her story in court (and not just some student who didn’t do a very good job to say the least). They could have promised Jokowi that the government is doing all efforts to find the true perpetrators, the true human traffickers, the true guilty party of the drug charges against Mary Jane. Aquino and his government could have done something, anything, 5 years ago. But they chose NOT TO.
So forgive us Kris if most of us are ramming on your brother and accusing him and his minions of not doing anything, of cramming on the last minute; because if you ask many groups helping the migrant workers (both Filipinos and foreigners alike), that is exactly the case.


I-dubsmash ka na nga lang, mas nakakatuwa ka pa doon!




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