29 Apr Mary Jane’s Reprieve: A Sigh of Temporary Relief



JUAN SAYS: We all rejoiced upon waking up to the news that Mary Jane is still alive. Credit it to Pnoy for his last minute appeal, to Pacman who in his busy schedule (the fight is on Sunday, remember that) was able to ask the Indonesian President to spare the life of Mary Jane, following that she was just a victim of human trafficking. But credits too to the PNoys for their unceasing prayers and faith in the One who gives the greatest pardons and miracles.
Remember too that there were 8 others: two Australians were not spared though the Australian government is amongst the biggest donors of aid to Indonesia; one from Europe where the EU also asked for clemency and the Indonesian President also ignored; one Brazilian convict who had mental disorder whom the Brazilian President also asked to be pardoned. The Indonesian President also ignored the please of UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon, human rights groups and activists, among others. Why spare Mary Jane?
Somebody up there must have listened to the cries and unceasing pleas and prayers of those who supported Mary Jane, Pinoy man or otherwise. Somebody up there must have softened the hardened heart of President Widodo and made him listen to the new developments in Mary Jane’s case; somebody up there must have moved the real culprit to surrender herself to authorities; only a greater power can orchestrate something short of a miracle.
But the fight for Mary Jane and the likes of her doesn’t end here. What drove Mary Jane to such a desperate situation were circumstances beyond her control. Any mother would have held on to desperate measures just to be able to give a brighter future to her children. Any mother would have grabbed any opportunity to bring food to the table, even if it would mean her life.
With her temporary reprieve, we are hoping that the government would now take action in the pressing problems of the country, the lack of job opportunities, the problem with human trafficking. Hindi pwedeng lagi na lang tayong nagmamakaawa. Hindi pwedeng lagi na lang tayong last minute. Manawa naman tayo!
Let us also not forget that Mary Jane suffered in the prisons of Indonesia for 5 years, when she didn’t have to.




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