11 Mar Manny Pacquiao eyes a Php 500M+ Mansion in Beverly Hills. Tapos may TAX BREAK?!?



JUAN SAYS: Pambansang Kamao and Saranggani Representative Manny Paquiao is eyeing a mansion previously owned by Jennifer Lopez in the posh Beverly Hills, California. The property which boasts of a 3,500 sq. m. mansion (bahay pa lang yan?!) is a Mediterranean-inspired home with seven bedrooms; a home theater; saltwater swimming pool and Jacuzzi; a patio with a built-in barbecue area; another pool (is it?) with fountains; a spa and an open fireplace. Surely, his wife Jinky would have a fit just looking at the house. The said property costs around US$ 12M or more than Php 500million.
After all the bruises and the punches that his face and body have received through years of playing in the professional boxing field Manny deserves this house. He has earned it (both the money to purchase and the lifestyle he wishes to pursue), fair and square. BUT this got us thinking, if Manny Pacquiao can afford a house that’s worth a lot more than the budget of the PNP surely he wouldn’t mind giving a fraction of it to the Philippines. As he is already a Born-Again Christian, he must also have read from the bible what Jesus has spoken about tithing and taxes:


“Well, then,” Jesus said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.” Mark 12:17

It is not Manny Pacquiao not Jinky Pacquiao’s extravagant purchases that bothers us, but it is the government, the senators in particular who wish to give a tax break to Manny to pay him back for the honor he has given the country. We are in agreement with giving Manny the honor that he rightfully deserves. But a tax break? C’mmon now people. He didn’t ask for the tax break did he? And if throwing punches and receiving punches would mean earning hefty amounts of cash in dollars and NOT paying your taxes is the way to go, then tara na, lahat na tayo maging boxingero. Pasapak is the way to get rich.
And while we are at it, why don’t we give tax breaks to other people who have brought “recognition to the country?” Mich Liggayu and the Sebastian family for example, their actions have been noticed by a certain Chuck Norris (we are thinking that this could indeed be the actor) putting the Philippines in a very very uh… bad light to say the least, if this was indeed from the famed actor. Why give them a tax break? They are in mourning aren’t day? Let’s go further by giving them a special day (similar to Women’s Day which we find quite disturbing in the Philippines considering the kind of women that 70 percent of the population try to emulate).


Kris Aquino for that matter. She pays her taxes down to the last centavo. Why don’t we give her a tax break too? A tax break for the heart-broken. Ay, forever na hindi na magbabayad si Kris ng taxes kung ganun.

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