03 Mar MANNY on my Mind. Manny Pacquiao to be exempted from tax payment



JUAN SAYS: After the much publicized Senate inquiry on the Mamasapano encounter where we cheered, jeered and laughed at how the senators conducted the inquires, their line of questioning, and the deafening silence in answer to a stupid question raised by one senator in particular (watch it here), they are at it again! While some really took much effort to conceal their tactics in hiding President Aquino’s hand in the Mamasapano encounter, this time around, they are shameless plugging this new proposal of exempting Pambansang Kamao Manny Paquiao from paying taxes.


“Maganda ang nilalayon ng panukala ni Sen. Koko (Pimentel) na kilalanin man lang ng gobyerno ang karangalan at katanyagang ibinigay ni Manny sa bansa. Palagay ko kulang tayo sa pagkilala sa kanyang kontribusyon,” (Senator Koko’s objective to acknowledge the honor and fame that Manny is giving the country is good. I think we are not giving him enough recognition.) – Sen. Sonny Angara

Huh? And they thought this would score pogi-points from the public. Well, NOT from us. Kahit na gwapo ka pa Senator Angara. Nakaka-bad trip ka!



Here is a commentary we gathered from a facebook post of L. Aquinaldo:

“Can someone turn off the idiocy faucet from government, its way overflowing. Yes, exempt the delinquent congressman from paying taxes. Yes, reward him for not doing his job while receiving a salary from the taxpayer’s money. Yes, hold him up as a shining example to our youth that if you are popular, you are exempt from the rules. Let them know that it’s okay to show up for work only 7 days out of a whole year and still be praised. Yes, let them know that you can run for government and then spend your time indulging in whatever whims you have, like make money doing endorsements, turning the PBA into a joke, or anything at all other than your job and still be treated like a king. Yes, reward him by not letting him pay taxes even if there is a billion peso tax evasion issue that still hounds him. While you’re at it, why not reroute traffic like what government did on February 25 and make it permanent, after all this idea is as stupid as that.

Sobra sobra na pera niya, siya pa ang maging tax exempt habang ang karamihan ng Pilipino ay hirap na hirap kumita para mabuhay pero sila ang magbabayad ng tax. Anong klaseng kalokohan iyan? There is no equality in this country and some idiots in the Senate are promoting it.”





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