JUAN SAYS: A glorious thing happened right before we went to bed last night, the world’s biggest powerhouse finally allowed same sex marriages in ALL states. The Internet was overjoyed with the news that finally everyone has the chance to celebrate love in whatever form pleases them, more than it being an issue of religion, it’s giving people the freedom to become who they really are and love who they choose to. Moreover, it gives same sex couples the chance to adopt and live together legally, which gives their chosen offsprings equal opportunities as those in traditional marriages. We at JUAN are overjoyed over the fact that at the end of the day, love wins and nobody has the right to take away someone’s great privilege to love and be loved. (All photos from Huffington Post, to view more click here)
We’ve received this message from our friend who couldn’t get over the fact this fact. And we are happy for him too:
Oh my God! I have been up all night and crying mostly out of happiness. It was a historic moment indeed. I have a Filipino-American partner of 5 years and we have plans of getting married soon. We were gonna get married with or without the Scotus decision anyway. But this time around the decision means we could get married anywhere in the states and not just in the states that recognize it! It is now the law of the land! Also recognizing gay marriage or shall I say “marriage for all,” means having the benefits of a traditional married couple. Yes from owning properties, adopting kids, tax breaks, spousal visas, etc etc. all the benefits and protection that the US constitution provides to a married couple. No more discrimination, everyone is equal. Can you imagine if you had been with your partner for so long, and you can’t even make the decision for him on his death bed? Well because the law doesn’t allow you to do so? This is just an example. Marriage equality may not directly affect the Filipino LGBT, but this has a profound effect on how our government will be looking at things. The Philippines has a long way to go! We in the LGBT community are celebrating with our brothers and sisters in the US for this moment. The number 1 super power country has finally done it.
We would like to admit, we cried too upon receiving this simple message from our friend. How can a simple union that many of us take for granted everyday could make a lot of people soooo happy by granting them the right to be together? It makes us think how some (if not many) heterosexuals have just tossed the word marriage around, and the relationship and commitment that go with it. We can help but think that we have just brushed this aside and never really put much thought in this union. Looking at the joyous faces of those who gathered in the US Supreme court building should also infect us one way or the other. If these gay couples are jubilant knowing that they are now allowed to be free to be one with the people they love, we should too be happy for them, and happy that we, heterosexuals need not fight for this. We need to introspect and see deep within us what marriage really is. We are lucky and yet we take this for granted. We too should be grateful that at the end of the day LOVE WINS, not just today, but ALWAYS!


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