05 Mar Look Me In The Eye



JUAN SAYS: We have seen Jim Parades since the 80s a singer, songwriter and showbiz personality. In fact, many of us have come to love many of his songs, those that he sang and performed with his group “The Apo Hiking Society.” In ’86, we have seen him strongly advocating the 1986 EDSA Revolution. He was outspoken about his stand against the Marcoses, the regime and that of Martial Law. We all believed him and thought he was, well, short of a hero. He articulated his thoughts well, he fought for his principles like a true warrior. With these, he earned our respect, our admiration, and most importantly our ears.


But not today, not very recently. Jim Paredes view of the 1986 Revolution has translated to become some sort of fanaticism. With his recent outbursts with well, kids who, like him many years ago are also taking a stand for what they believe in. Unfortunately, it is contrary to what he stood for today.

We don’t know what it is that he still see in the old system that it has made us believe that he is blinded by the realities of this country. Let us put it simply, the poor are still poor, the oligarchs still ruled the country never putting the majority’s interests but only of their own. Drugs are being sold in the “corner stores.” Truth be told, this country has never really gotten to where we all wanted it to be back in ’86. Did we make a mistake? Were we so blinded by our emotions that change was NOT actually better in ’86? Do the results prove that it was a decision that we all had to suck up to just because we feel back then that we didn’t have a choice? And what about the mad men, the Cynthia Patags, the Jim Paredeses and the likes of this world. Fanatics. Cultist to a point. Do their outbursts still make sense? Does sticking to a tried and tested formula the only way we can go, even if it never brought us the results that we so desired.

The 1986 Revolution, Edsa 2 which brought Gloria Arroyo to power, shouldn’t these teach us something? The change we so wanted was NEVER realized because, in truth, there was NO CHANGE at all. A change in people in power is NO REAL CHANGE if the people we put in these positions do not have the bone to spark the change we all so clamor for. We will never realize the change if we keep on believing that taking our issues to the streets is the way to go. Look, if two “peaceful revolutions” aren’t enough to make us understand that this is NEVER the way to go, then we don’t really know what will convince us.

0873a789b3f9922aa8d0f23e0e362f7eCHANGE happens when we have a political will to make a 180 degree turn around. Real change happens when we forget the old and embrace the new. We can’t want change and not suffer through its consequences. Change can never realize if we keep on omitting certain aspects of our lives, of our society that needs to be turned. We can’t, we just can’t. If we think the change will happen by just including the things that are comfortable for us, for our interests, then we become delusional. And in this case, this is no better than what is happening to the Mr. Paredeses of this country. We are all delusional.

We all say we want to change, but we keep on holding on to the things that do not work anymore just because. Do we really want change? Do we really want a better country? In the last 30 years since ’86, we are not feeling it. And if there will be people who still think like Paredes, then we may not be feeling any of these changes in the next 30 years. Not even in this lifetime.

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