01 Dec Let’s Stick to the Real Issue Please



JUAN SAYS: We do not appreciate the afternoon telenovela in congress. Don’t get us wrong, we are not for De Lima, and this post doesn’t glorify the fact that she is a woman. Once and for all, how come no one has spoken up to say that De Lima’s sex filled life is really none of our fucking concern. Who cares how many men she fucks in a day? Who cares if she was once impregnated by one of these assholes and chose to have the baby aborted? Who cares if she is malandingmakati-pa-sahigad? Who gives a fuck?!


Apparently, all those who tune in regularly to the hearings in Congress are suckers for sex stories. We do not understand if they don’t get any, but by loving to hear about other people’s sex lives is really appalling. Ganun na talaga ka-tigang?

What kind of justice system do we have then when we unearth the dirty side of the person instead of zeroing on the issues? What kind of people are we if we rejoice and salivate in other people choice of partners, choice of sexual positions and the like? What is that to us? In reality, hearing the ugly stories about De Lima’s “dirty life” will not bring food to our tables, yet we chew on it as if it was food for the soul.

What we are driving at is this: all we want is for the issues to be answered, for the guilty to be jailed or punished. And then she can fuck anyone she wants, animals and vegetables included. But for the sake of sanity, let us stick to issues, the real ones at that.



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