31 Dec Let’s Not Tie A Yellow Ribbon



JUAN SAYS: As we close the year, we at JUAN would like to post articles on the different personalities that got our attention this year.


LENI ROBREDO, Vice President.

Leni. Leni. Leni. Our timelines are filled with her name. From an actual nobody, she sneaked her way to the second highest position in the country. “Like a thief in the night” inch by inch, vote by vote she surpassed the votes of the more popular Senator Bong Bong Marcos to win the Vice Presidency. Fate as we may call it. But we believed that there was a big reason why this happened.

It may be that Leni is a woman, as swing votes have been given in past elections women have the tendency to rally behind her kind. She is, after all, running against a man with a surname that is despicable to many. To the elitists, oligarchs and those who hold their principles and ideals on their hands, Leni was the logical choice.

It was an uncanny partnership, hers and the current president. She, a woman who belongs to the party who tried with all their might to railroad the campaign of the current president; and him, the man who wanted to squash them all. Yet she was given a space – for her office, her work as Vice President, and a position in the cabinet. We’d like to believe that with these circumstances, Leni was given what was due her.

In the recent events that followed, Leni made a splash again, this time by resigning from her cabinet position, painting a picture to every “Lenitards” minds that she was the subject of bullying by the big boys in the cabinet. Sure, the timing was not so great. Sure the process of informing her that she was to refrain from attending cabinet meetings was quite crude. Barbaric to be exact. While we at JUAN do not necessarily agree with the process with how she was “informed,” we believe that our truths shouldn’t stop there.

In life, we do not always receive the news on a silver platter. Pleasantries are held back, and even the smallest forms of GMRC are sometimes neglected due to circumstances that are beyond our control. But we shouldn’t stop there.

This is not a street war. This is not street fighting where neighbors get to air each other’s dirty laundry on the street, in front of the whole barangay. And this, we would like to believe is not simply bullying just because.

The issue, we would like to believe is all about TRUST. How would you feel if the person you entrusted with all your secrets, if the person whom you believed was one with your vision suddenly turns out to be the biggest leak of information to the party who wanted to railroad you in the first place? How would you feel if the person you thought was going to stand side by side you, without any personal agenda, turns out to be a two-faced monster who would rather stop the investigation on the anomalies of the Yolanda funds, instead of being one with all the “knights of the round table,” in standing up for what is right – no party alliances involved. Would they still be invited to sit with you and discuss all your personal thoughts? Would they still be part of your team? Would they even be forgiven?

Your guess is as good as ours.

So before you flood our timelines with your songs of praises and chants for Leni, let this be a consideration. Let us not be shallow in our thinking that just because she is a woman, and she cries foul on how she was treated, does that mean that she doesn’t deserve it. Not all bullies look like fat bastards with big noses. Bullies can look like dignified people who speak gently. Let us all be wary.

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