11 May Let the Hunger Games Begin


hunger games

JUAN SAYS: The rise of Ferdinand Bong Bong Marcos didn’t come as a surprise to us. In fact, the moment he declared his candidacy for Vice President, we had a great feeling that he will win. Looking at the other candidates for Vice President, BBM, as he is fondly called by his supporters, has the power to tramp them all.


Nevermind if he is the son of Former President Ferdinand Marcos, the supposed dictator disposed in 1986 by a People Power Revolution after he called for a Snap Election back then. Nevermind if he is the son of Imelda, the brother of Imee, all alleged “plunderers” and perpetrators of the infamous Martial Law in 1972. Bongbong has earned his merits as a congressman, a governor and a senator of the Republic. Truth be told, a trip to Ilocos by family members have convinced us that Bong Bong has done marvelous things in that particular province. He has not forgotten his roots, not Ilocos nor Leyte. Bong Bong is well loved by the very people he has served. Blame it on his DNA, blame it on his surname, but the truth of it all is, Bong Bong WON fair and square. No amount of political machinery, no amount of hocus pocus from the current government can bring one “good” (at least in the eyes of the people he served) man down.

Issues upon issues and the biggest of all was Martial Law, were thrown at his feet, and he has handled them very well, on debate platforms and social media alike. That is, according to our books. Little by little Martial Law victims came out in support of Bong Bong Marcos. The insurgents who once fought under the left wing raised the hand of BBM and wholeheartedly endorsed his candidacy.

BUT, BBM’s rise to power is not just about what he has done.

The truth is, for every single person who dreads the return of Martial Law, there are about 10 more who hated the failed promise of Daang Matuwid even more.

We would also like to believe that destiny and the Aquinos played a big role in what has become of BBM today.

We have been laughing at people who tirelessly post against BBM – martial law, ill gotten wealth, among many others. It is not totally true that the alleged Marcos ill-gotten wealth has not been returned. In fact billions have been recovered but very few, if any, can remember any public accounting by the PCGG or where the money actually went. Sandali lang, meron nga bang accounting? Parang wala naman kaming nakita.

And as for Martial Law, did anything change after EDSA? Every issue raised against Martial Law: corruption, human rights abuses, persecution of political enemies, cronyism (now oligarchism) did not stop after EDSA. In reality, it even grew. Massacres upon massacres were the plight of the poor. Farmers getting killed in Luisita for wanting what they have toiled for all these years. The Mendiola Massacre will not be forgotten. SAF 44, God bless their souls. The tourists killed in a hostage taking drama in Luneta. Oh and Yolanda, who can ever forget the infamous dialogue of former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas to the beleaguered mayor of Tacloban: “you must remember that you are a Romualdez and our President is an Aquino.” Ampota talaga!

A good number of pretentious people even have the audacity to question what have we done with EDSA Revolution? It can be remembered that the first EDSA uprising served as the gateway for the ouster of then President Marcos. And even if BBM wants to, he is not likely to revise history as far as most people’s perception of his father is concerned. Wow, hindi na talaga tayo naka-move on. Pero sandali lang, what has the last 30 years, 5 presidents after the fact have done with the so-called democracy? Have they (the past presidents) managed to nail the Marcoses with the cases that were filed against them? The truth is, hundreds of cases have been repeatedly dismissed.



A popular meme has been circulating the internet lately, and it sends a holier-than-thou message that made us cringe.


The last 30 years after that fateful EDSA Revolution have brought us one thing and one thing only, the rise of the Aquinos to power. EDSA has brought us a. our first woman President who has done nothing significant to alleviate the situation of our country back then (tumaas pa nga ang presyo ng punyetang galunggong); b. another Aquino for a President who gave us nothing but the blaming game of administrations past and his incompetence to lead the country (please do NOT attribute our economic growth to PNoy because he simply continued the plans of then President Gloria); and c. another Aquino for a pest who has managed to put herself in the center of the showbiz industry with nothing but a roster of scandals, tactless quotes and interviews, and a massacre queen for a title. Sa totoo lang, nang dahil walang nagawa ang mga Aquino sa ating bansa (at kung mayroon may eh lahat tayo ay nairita sa Panot at sa kapatid niyang center of the solar system), ang karamihan ay napatingin na lamang kay Bong Bong Marcos.

Remember, the President is an Aquino and BBM is a Marcos.

Let’s face it, the Aquino’s entitlement issues have trickled down to the middle class, as evident in the most annoying post on facebook. So annoying that it can rival that of Kris Aquino’s. Their “hindi kayo soshal kasi hindi kayo dilaw” attitude has paved the pay to alienating the working class and those near poverty line that we all can’t help but see BBM as someone who can bring us a glimmer of hope. Nakakarelate kami kay BBM kasi rejected din kami ng mga soshal na akala mo mga oligarchs!

Wag na tayong lumayo. Ang hilig ninyong mag-selfie gamit ang windmills na background. Parang nasa Holland lang diba? Pero ang hindi ninyo alam, ito’y nagbigay ng kuryente sa kalakhan ng mga taga barrio na hindi kailanman inabot ng supply ng kuryete. Tapos hindi mo iboboto si BBM?

Sa totoo lang, kung nagagalit kayo sa mga taong bumoto at naniwala kay Bong Bong Marcos ngayong eleksyon, mas dapat kayong magalit sa mga taong DILAW na walang ginawa upang pangalagaan iyang sinasabi ninyong demokrasya.

That slogan used in the 1986 EDSA Revolution holds true today: “sobra na, tama na, palitan na!” Exactly what happened on May 9.

Kaya tigil-tigilan nyo nga yang posts ninyong “I can’t believe people voted for Marcos.” Well, you better believe it. Coz whether you like it or not, the Marcoses are back in power. Win or lose, we all know that every inch of the LP machinery did their part to bring him down.

And we can’t believe that after all was said and NOT done, you are still one with the PANOT. Never mind his incompetence and his lies. We can’t believe that after all the election anomalies reported you still believe in PANOT and his diabolic plans. And that girl we know as Kris Aquino? Oh where do we begin?

Sila. Silang magkapatid ang tunay na salarin! So stop living in your bubble. Wake up. Karma has come to bite them in the ass.


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