05 Aug Lacierda Responds to Binay and his Minions



By Edwin Lacierda


I normally do not engage the minions of Vice President Binay.
But today, Mr. Joey Salgado issued a statement in response to my Twitter post that the Cavite State University president should perhaps explain why students were being required to attend VP Binay’s TSONA.
He asked me “is there Martial Law?” and proceeded to claim that the Cavite State University invited Vice President Binay to speak to the Student Assembly.
Here is my response:
”Oh you mean it was such a huge honor for Cavite State University to invite Vice President Binay that the memo failed to mention him as the Honored Guest Speaker and instead just called it a “Student Assembly”?
Mr. Salgado, pasensya na po, hindi po mangmang ang mga tao, at mawalang galang na po, PALPAK na nga po ang TSONA ni VP Binay, PALPAK pa rin ang katwiran ninyo.”
It is bewildering how the camp of VP Binay would go to great lengths to fool the people.
First, it took them a week to fabricate a speech which could have otherwise been delivered a day after the SONA. It was all a rehash of what could easily be found in the broadsheets.
Second, did he have to go to Cavite State University where it is several miles away from Coconut Palace to read a bereft speech when he could have shown up at the Senate where it is a hop, skip and a jump from his official residence to answer all allegations of corruption?
Third, for 5 long years, he was a member of the Cabinet where he could have been part of the solution. During those 5 years, he praised the Aquino administration in many instances. And having failed to secure the endorsement of the president and perhaps like a woman scorned, begun flailing and railing and ranting against the administration he once praised to high heavens.
This is clearly politics at its ebb. To pursue his presidential ambitions, he would burn the friendship that lasted two generations.
Which finally brings us back to the oft unanswered question: Mr. Vice President, were you lying then, are you lying now and will you continue to lie in the future, just to become the next president?
Mr. Vice President, Ayan ka na naman!

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