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  1. Trump talks Clinton’s ‘massive’ new hairdo

Donald Trump1.Clinton wig said Wednesday he was shocked to see Hillary Clinton‘s latest hairdo, calling it “massive” in an interview on conservative talk radio.


Asked by host Mark Levin what Clinton’s appeal to voters is, Trump simply said: “Well, she has a new hairdo, did you notice that today?”

The quip prompted Levin to suggest Clinton is wearing a wig.

“I tell you what it really was shocking to see it because you’re right it must be, it was massive. Her hair became massive,” said Trump, whose own hair has been the subject of scrutiny.

Hillary Clinton speaks at the an event in Nashua, New Hampshire on November 9, 2015.

Warned that his comments might get him in trouble, Trump brushed off the potential for sparking controversy.

“I don’t care. I’m a person that tells the truth,” Trump said. “You know it was interesting to see but I’ve never seen Hillary with that hairdo so I think that’s an OK thing to say, but it was very different.”

Clinton this summer poked fun at Trump’s hair and questions swirling around the brash billionaire’s do.

Sisa: It’s the pot calling the kettle black! Ganda ng hairdo ni Trump ha. Gondoh!


  1. Plane ‘burns’ in drills ahead of APEC summit 

2. plane-2Ahead of the APEC Leaders’ Meeting here in Manila, security forces and rescue workers took part in a drill where a mock aircraft was set on fire to simulate the aftermath of a plane crash.

Rescuers attended to people acting as injured passengers while emergency crews put out the fire.

The drill was used to evaluate the response time of emergency personnel.

Also participating in the exercise were military and police officials and observers from private rescue groups.

Sisa: Practice makes perfect. Push mo yan!


  1. House adjourns without approving SSL 2015

3. house Aquino doesn’t certify the bill as urgent

MANILA – President Aquino did not certify his own proposal to increase the salaries of government workers as urgent, delaying what should have been the swift passage of the proposed Salary Standardization Law (SSL).

The House of Representatives adjourned sessions Wednesday until November 23 without passing House Bill 6268 or the proposed Salary Standardization Law of 2015 on 3rd and final reading.

Budget Secretary Butch Abad told ABS-CBN that President Aquino has yet to certify the bill as urgent as of 7:29 pm. House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II confirmed that the House did not get any certification.

The certification would have waived the 3-day gap between a vote on 2nd and 3rd reading during which the bill is supposed to be reproduced for the personal review of the lawmakers before final approval.

The bill was approved on 2nd reading in a viva voce vote in plenary session.

Wednesday was the first session day since plenary sessions resumed last week when it mustered enough warm bodies on the floor to approve any measures.

With this development, the House may approve the bill in the last week of November or early December, whenever it is able to muster a quorum.

The House goes on a 1-week break next week as the government declared a holiday for government offices and students from November 17-20 for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.

Sisa: Another Christmas, another NGA NGA!

  1. New planetary find “best chance for life outside our solar system”

4. planet(CNN)Astronomers have made two new planetary discoveries that they claim expand the known boundaries of our solar system — and they may be the biggest breakthroughs in the search for alien life.

The two finds, one planet at the edge of our solar system and one just beyond, have both been hailed as major scientific advances.

Commenting on one of the planets, Brad Tucker, an astronomer from Mount Stromlo Observatory in Canberra, Australia who was not involved in the research, said it “probably gives us the best chance for life outside our solar system right now.”

“One of the goals of astronomy and astrophysics and finding these planets is firstly to really find another Earth,” he added. “And part of the reason of finding another Earth is that we ultimately do want to find life in the universe. It’s a question that weighs on everyone’s mind.

Lying on the edge of our solar system, a new, rocky planet close to the size of Earth and named GJ 1132b, is the discovery that holds the most potential for finding new life to date, according to astronomers.

The scientists who discovered it it said its small size and proximity — it’s three times closer than any other similar object found orbiting a star — “bodes well for studies of the planet’s atmosphere,” according to their report in the journal, Nature.


Sisa: Ipatira na doon ang mga SOCIAL CLIMBERS ng Pinas! Ngayon din!

  1. Gatchalian: PH not yet ready for same-sex marriage

5. same sex marriageWhile Valenzuela representative and senatorial candidate Sherwin Gatchalian believes in equal opportunity for all, he thinks the Philippines is not yet ready for same-sex marriage.

“I think the Philippines is not ready for gay marriage yet. I think we need to talk about this more, and it’s good that a lot of countries are already talking about this,” Gatchalian said on Wednesday, November 11, in an interview on Rappler’s #TheLeaderIWant series.

Still, he supports equal opportunities for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community, “especially in employment” and other rights.

His statement comes at a time when a petition is lodged at the Supreme Courtasking the tribunal to lift same-sex marriage prohibitions in the Family Code. The SC has already ordered the government to comment on the petition.

But a recent survey showed 7 in 10 Filipinos disagree with same-sex marriage being allowed in the Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country.

‘Limited’ divorce

As for divorce – also a controversial topic in the Philippines – Gatchalian said that he believes in the sanctity of marriage and the need to strengthen family as the basic unit of society.

But he believes the country needs “limited” divorce for extreme cases wherein there is violence and abuse in the relationship. He explained that such a measure will give a spouse – whether a man or a woman – an ability to move on in life.

“I don’t believe in a no-fault divorce, that you could just one day wake up and separate from your partner. We believe that there has to be concrete reasons and concrete evidence to be able to do that,” he added.

The Philippines may be the only country in the world – save for Vatican City – that has not legalized divorce, although support for divorce has been on an upward trend since 2005.


Sisa: We are not ready for anything!

  1. Putin, Widodo to miss APEC summit in Manila

6. putin widodoPresident Vladimir Putin has decided not to attend a summit of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Manila and Russia will be represented there instead by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, a Kremlin spokesman said on Thursday.

The spokesman said the decision was taken because Medvedev had a series of meetings planned in the region anyway.

The Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) also confirmed that Indonesian President Joko Widodo will likewise skip the APEC meeting in Manila.

DFA Undersecretary Laura del Rosario said she was told by Indonesia that Widodo has some domestic concerns that need his attention.

The APEC meeting is also sandwiched between the G-20 summit in Turkey and the ASEAN Summit in Malaysia.

The APEC Economic Leaders’ meeting will be held in Manila from November 18 to 19. — With a report by Willard Cheng, ABS-CBN News


Sisa: Ohh. Owkay! See you around!

  1. Clients in shorts and slippers may soon be allowed in gov’t offices

7. short slippersA group of lawmakers filed on Wednesday, November 11, a bill seeking to remove the strict dress code for clients in government agencies.

By doing so, House Bill Number 6286 or the Open Door Policy Act aims to make government service more accessible to citizens.

“All government institutions with frontline service offices shall be barred from implementing strict dress code that prevent citizens, especially those belonging to marginalized sectors, from making inquiries or undertaking simple transactions,” the bill said.

It was filed by representatives Kaka Bag-ao (Dinagat Islands), Leni Robredo (Camarines Sur), Bolet Banal (Quezon City), and Teddy Baguilat (Ifugao).

According to Bag-ao, “professionalism isn’t in what citizens wear when they avail of services that they should rightfully enjoy. It’s in how government officers and employees treat the people whom we serve.”

She also believes that profiling individuals based on what they wear is a form of discrimination based on socio-economic status.

Government offices usually require citizens to be in “proper attire” – such as shoes, pants, and polo shirts – when entering their premises or transacting frontline services.

But as Baguilat noted, “There are citizens who cannot afford to buy clothing and footwear that follow stringent rules and regulations.”

“They are Filipinos who often belong to marginalized sectors of society – farmers, fisherfolk, urban poor, and indigenous peoples – they are Filipinos who should be given due priority by government,” he stressed.

HB 6286 also seeks to lift the dress code required when attending public meetings and hearings conducted by government agencies. These include legislative bodies, such as the Senate and the House of Representatives, which open sessions to the public for observation or participation.

Prohibiting them to enter public offices on the basis of their attire denies them of the “right to acquire services from the government and the right to observe or participate in meetings that tackle matters that affect their welfare,” Robredo said.

Banal said that, when enacted, the Open Door Act will address the daily “injustices we fail to notice.” – Rappler.com


Sisa: Bigyan nyo ng pambili ng sapatos. Yan tayo eh!

  1. Albert Einstein’s colossal mistake

8. albertEl Malahim. Ragnarok. Armageddon. Those are terms we use to describe the end of the world.

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity this November, we can appreciate the fact that this brilliant scientist came up with ideas that have fundamentally changed our understanding of the universe.

General relativity, in short, tells us that gravity is not quite the force Isaac Newton envisioned; gravity is actually the bending of space and time by mass and energy. This discovery led us to the widely accepted theory of Big Bang, which establishes the birth of the universe as 14 billion years ago.

But what about the death of the universe? For that, we need to turn to dark energy, one of the biggest scientific mysteries of our time.

For decades, astronomers thought that an expanding universe bound by gravity should grow quickly in the beginning and gradually slow as the stars and galaxies obeyed gravity’s inexorable tug. The only question really was whether gravity was sufficient to eventually stop the expansion of the universe and bring it all back together in a hot “Big Crunch.” This seemed like a very plausible scenario.

But in 1998, to everyone’s surprise, two groups of astronomers announced measurements of distant supernovae that showed while the early universe followed their expectations, about four billion years ago, the expansion of the universe began to speed up.

In complete contradiction to predictions, it seemed that something was overcoming the effects of gravity and pushing everything farther away at an ever increasing rate. These observations have long since been confirmed.

It turned out that Einstein imagined such a phenomenon when he was developing his theory of general relativity. He envisioned a “cosmological constant” that provided a repulsive form of gravity.

Following the best theoretical understanding and experimental evidence of his time, Einstein first added the term to his equations, but then took it out, as it didn’t seem necessary. Einstein regarded the fact that he invented the cosmological constant as a colossal mistake.

With the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe, Einstein’s cosmological constant came back into vogue. But it wasn’t the only explanation.


Sisa: Sus! Kung gusto natin ng groundbreaking discovery sa science, paanakin ninyo si Caitlyn Jenner! Buset!

  1. Bulgarian caught withdrawing cash using cloned ATM cards

9. cloned atmA Bulgarian national has been arrested for allegedly withdrawing money from an automated teller machine (ATM)  using several cloned cards at a mall in Taguig City.

Simeon Tsennov Lefterski, 28, was apprehended on Nov. 6 at Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City after a mall security guard alerted policemen.

According to the guard, Lefterski was observed making repeated withdrawals using several ATM cards. It later turned out that these cards had been cloned.

When approached and confronted by the police, Lefterski  denied the allegation. He was later invited by the police to the mall security office where they confirmed through the footage taken by a closed-circuit television camera the guard’s allegations against him. As a result, he was immediately placed under arrest.

Recovered from Lefterski were 43 ATM cards, an alien certificate of registration and cash amounting to P31,840, among others.

The Taguig police later confirmed—with the help of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and the Bank of the Philippine Islands—that 39 of the cards recovered from Lefterski had been cloned.

Lefterski now faces charges of violating Republic Act 8484 known as the “Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998.”

In a statement, the National Capital Region Police Office chief, Director Joel Pagdilao, lauded the actions of the policemen involved in the Bulgarian’s arrest.

At the same time, he acknowledged the importance of the role of mall security officers in the fight against crime.

“I am encouraging our people to continue to help our police by informing them about suspicious things, people and occurrences around them,” Pagdilao said.

Sisa: With our crude technology, this is WOW Philippines!

  1. Filipina actress joins cast of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ 

10_ leslie annAnother Filipino-American talent is getting a big break on prime time American television.

Filipina-American actress Leslie-Anne Huff is set to play an important character in the Vampire Diaries. In the CW hit series, she will play Rayna, a vampire hunter.
TV writers and fans have noted her physical similarities with the show’s former lead star Nina Dobrev, who has left the series.
Huff recently left Los Angeles for Atlanta, Georgia to shoot her episodes.
The role is a breakthrough for Huff. Together with other Fil-Ams, she has been consistently working to uplift and increase the number of Filipino talents with significant roles in Hollywood.

In a previous interview, she talked about her work ethic that must have played the part in booking the Vampire Diaries.
”Just be good at what you do and you are who you are. Maybe you are a person of color; maybe you are a woman; but your work is gonna speak for yourself and that’s always my attitude going through projects,” she said.

The Fil-Am star is a versatile actress who also does sketch comedy. She’s also a writer-producer who creates her own opportunities as seen in her work in the independent film, Rosie, as well as her award-winning web series, The Lifesavers.
Huff’s episodes on the vampire diaries will start on Episode 12. The show airs on the CW on Thursday nights.

Sisa: Dumugin na naman ng mga Pinoy ang Vampire Diaries kasi may half-Pinay na artista. Tsk.

  1. Utah Pinay makes history after winning City Council election

11. Jewel AllenJewel Allen made the switch from political activist to politician last week.

In a six-person race for three city council seats in Grantsville, Utah, Allen received the third-most support with 20 percent of the ballot. It was just enough to edge the fourth-place candidate and make her the first Filipino to win a city council position in state history.

“I worked really hard to campaign, to get my message out there to people, and I was just really excited that my message resonated with people,” she said.

Like Allen, many members of Utah’s Filipino community are excited about the historic achievement.

”She paved a way for others who aspire to become a city council member or senator in the state of Utah. This is a great beginning for us as Filipinos,” Filipino community leader Eunice Jones said.

Although this is Allen’s first step into public office, she’s no stranger to local politics. Last year, she co-founded a group that helped keep a new state prison out of her community.
Allen believes her work as a political activist helped her win the recent election.

”As I was out there organizing rallies, speaking at rallies, getting the word out through email and Facebook, I’m sure people recognized my name,” she said.

Now that she’s a city council member, Allen wants to revitalize the town’s financial district by organizing a city public relations campaign aimed at attracting new businesses.

”Growth is a big issue here in Grantsville, and my platform was for smart growth, being proactive, trying to get the businesses that we do want here. If we don’t want a prison, then what do we want and how do we get it?” she said.

The mother of three also wants to preserve Grantsville’s historic landmarks and keep citizens informed about issues that affect their families.

”I really plan to work super hard and keep listening to what people have to say and be accessible. That’s very important to me,” she said.

She will officially begin her four-year term when she’s sworn into office in January.

Sisa: Wishing that Pinays like her could serve the country instead of the US.


  1. Rare giant dinosaur footprint discovered in Southwest China

dinasaur footprintA rare giant dinosaur footprint has been discovered in Southwest China’s Sichuan province, local media reported on Wednesday.

With a diameter of 60 cm and a depth of 20 cm, it is among 70 footprints found by researchers from the China University of Geosciences at three spots in Guhua village, Gulin county.

Xing Lida, a PhD candidate, said the specific type of dinosaur that the footprint belongs to is still unknown, and that further research will be carried out.

The latest find also includes footprints of sauropod, bird-footed and theropod dinosaurs, Xing said. These have provided evidence of herbivorous dinosaurs acting in groups, he added, and we have identified dense distribution of middle- and small-sized carnosaur footprints from 100 million years ago.

More than 500 dinosaur footprints have been discovered during two former explorations in the area, including the longest track of predatory dinosaur footprints in East Asia.

Experts have demanded effective preservation of the footprints, and suggested building a national geological park there.

Sisa: Kaya higante ang mga Tsino. #Lamna

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