08 Dec JUAN ROUND TABLE for the week that was: Nagreact ka ngunit kulang



JUAN SAYS: Here is JUAN’s Round Table discussion for this week. We just found it amusing that some people react to news without getting the full context of it. It is just too funny that people are so gullible and so easy to trigger when it comes to news about some things that they are dying for. And then we found news that made us react and say WHY?!


ON DUTERTE: His cuss words, his ways of running Davao City and his plans of running the government are very similar to Martial Law. We all criticized that era of our history yet we are all gungho about putting the next dictator in Malacanang. Die hard fans of Duterte are defending him left and right, never mind if they sounded stupid just because.

ON STAR WARS: Every Star Wars fan is gearing up for the next installment of the Star Wars saga. Gearing up meaning dressing up in costumes because it is Star Wars.

ON UBER/GRAB TAXI SUSPENSION: We all over reacted on the news thinking how horrible it must be to get a cab during the Christmas rush. But then again, the suspension was just for the new cars and NOT on the existing cars that are already under UBER or GRAB. Basa basa din pag may time.

MONTERO SPORT INCIDENTS: The funniest thing about this was the response of Liza Gokongwei. Her name was dragged into the whole mess just because somebody googled the key words “gokongwei Mitsubishi,” and then accused Top Gear of siding with Mitsubishi just because of what the google results brought. Some people can just be too assuming. But Lisa’s response was classic!

PACQUAIO BUYS THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS: Why? Because WHY NOT?! Next time we see Manny, he’ll be dribbling across the NBA stadiums to the dismay of many. A mockery of basketball? Yeah. Because HE CAN.

POPE FRANCIS ALLEGED RESPONSE TO DUTERTE’S CUSSING: There have been memes, and there was clearly a make-believe story about it which explicitly said that it was a satire interview. If you don’t know what satire means then please Google it. Everyone who posted the meme with matching die hard comments above it was really STUPID.

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