03 May JUAN ASKS: Why did the Abu Sayyaf plan to abduct Kris Aquino?



JUAN SAYS: It was THE REASON that PNoy gave when netizens reacted to Kris Aquino’s fateful chopper ride to campaign for Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo. We certainly felt that the reason smelled like bullshit. There was a plot to kidnap Kris Aquino who is in Manila, surrounded by an ample amount of entourage and body guards. And for that reason alone, the powerful brother orders the Presidential chopper to be used by Kris. Five choppers, not because they wanted it, but because they can. At nagsumbong pa ang loka sa taumbayan!


She was bashed on social media, she was criticized for using tax payers money for the benefit of their own presidential bet. Yet she retaliated that she was in fact one of the top paying taxpayers of this country. So gagamitin mo na lang talaga ang binayad mo para sa sarili mong kapakanan ganun ba? Para na lang talaga sayo ang lahat ng bagay at hindi mo na inisip ang iba? 

This is what we get from people who live in their own bubbles. Sa totoo lang, pwede namang kasing pumirmis ka na lang kung sang lupalop ka nagtago at manahimik. Pero hindi. Ginusto mo pa ring tumapak sa limelight. Kahit na sinasabing gusto kang kunin ng bandidong grupong Abu Sayyaf. Hindi eh, gusto mo pa ring ikaw na naman ang center of attraction. Ikaw na naman ang sentro ng solar system. Ikaw na!

We asked some people on what they think of this issue, and they too were pissed. But beyond that, we were all asking that one question that nobody was asking. Why would anyone for that matter, terrorist or non-terrorist, would want to abduct the most annoying person that this country has ever produced? More annoying that Trillianes? Yeah. Even more annoying that PNot! And here are the speculations:






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