13 Jun It’s Just Another Long Weekend



JUAN SAYS: So you were happy last Friday that it will be a long weekend. You planned your trips to the beach or to Tagaytay. Or you spent time with your family from the province. “Yey for the weekend,” said your facebook post, as if to announce to the world that you are embarking on another short vacay to the Maldives. If we remember it correctly, you have already planned this trip since laying your eyes on the calendar of holidays that Malacanang posted right after the holiday season. Time out na naman? You have planned your life around these long weekends — from Holy Week to Independence day, to whatever holidays you can scratch your credit card on for the seat sale. Alam na alam mo na talaga ano ang aabangan mo.How many more weekends will we anticipate and plan our lives around it without even considering what these weekends are for? Have we really reduced Independence day or other National Holidays for that matter to another long weekend?


But have you asked yourself what this holiday is for? Have you really reduced the National Holidays, particularly our Independence Day to another seat sale? To another long weekend getaway? Have you really forgotten what it stood for?

If you have forgotten, it was Independence Day yesterday. If we can refresh your History101, it was the day when “Lupang Hinirang” was actually played and the first Philippine flag was waved at the balcony in Kawit Cavite. It is, if not the most significant day in Philippine history where we as a nation was finally recognized to be independent. We got our FREEDOM back after hundreds of years of exploitation from the Spanish rule. It was Independence Day yesterday, and how did we really celebrate it? Do we actually care? What we are trying to say here is this, we at JUAN believe that we have lost the essence of the holidays that we are celebrating. We no longer care.

It is sad to note that our actions show that we no longer care what this day actually means. We have lost the connection between our citizenship and our patriotism. We have reduced the “birthday” of our country to another long weekend.

Sure, we still understand that we were liberated from Span 119 years ago and we do not feel the connection since this was more than a century ago. We only heard the oppression and how our forebears gave their blood, sweat, and tears to come to this eventful day. We are envious actually, of those who lived during those years. Ang sarap siguro sa pakiramdam yung nakatayo ka sa harapan ng balconahe sa Kawit habang winawagayway ang watawat na alam mong ito ang pinaka mimithi mo sa buong buhay mo. Yung ibinigay mo na ang lahat, ang lahat lahat, pati ang buhay mo para lang sa araw na ito. Maybe this is due to the fact that our liberation from Spain was 119 years ago and who was really alive back then to understand the oppression that our forebears fought for. Maybe it is because we no longer feel a sense of patriotism or understand what it took from the Katipuneros to wave the three stars and

Kung hindi mo pa rin naiintindihan, para ka lang kumakanta ng alma mater song kapag nananalo ang school ninyo sa basketball sa UAAP. Ang sarap mag fist bump diba? Parang ganun, pero 10x kasi ikaw mismo ang lumaban at itinaya ang buhay mo para sa kinabukasan ng mga pasaway na mamamayang Pilipino ngayong 2017. Anak ng pucha, kung malalaman ito ng mga katipunero, malamang tinigilan na lang nila ang pakikipaglaban para sa kalayaan mo!Maybe this is due to the fact that our liberation from Spain was 119 years ago and who was really alive back then to understand the oppression that our forebears fought for. Maybe it is because we no longer feel a sense of patriotism or understand what it took from the Katipuneros to wave the three stars and

Sapat na ba ang pagpost ng “Happy Independence Day” sa facebook? Is changing our display photos with the Philippine flag enough? Ok na tayo doon? Yun na lang yun? How have we become so shallow?Sure you posted “Happy Independence Day” and you even changed your display photo to that with the Philippine flag, but do we actually feel what this is? We have reduced Independence Day to another day of rest or merry-making, or another 3-day sale in SM. That is what Independence day is to you?

In the 80s, we used to line the streets with our homemade Philippine flags just to get the chance to wave it as the parade passed by. We actually dressed up for the occassion wearing our tiny kimonas and bakya. The boys in the class were clad in katipunero outfits. We remember those days and we took it to heart. How then have we managed to reduce this to waving flags massed produced from China? Alam nyo ba na habang dino-drawing namin ang watawat ng Pilipinas, naiintindihan namin ang ibig sabihin nito? The three stars symbolized – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The 8 rays of the sun were the first 8 provinces that fought for the country. Blue should always be on top as it signified peace unless we are at war then we flip the flag and raise it with the red stripe on top.

When was actually the last time you paid attention to singing the “Lupang Hinirang” that you actually had goosebumps when you can’t even stand still while singing it as you wait for the last full show in your favorite cinema?

When was the last time that you actually went out to wear a Filipinana dress or a Barong Tagalog outside that of your friend’s wedding? Do you even know that the Barong Tagalog is an offshoot of the Spanish clothes for men? The Indios were made to wear it without tucking it in to make them look stupid?

If we were to be asked we would rather have a week long celebration of Independence Day by playing historical movies in theaters. We don’t care if Wonder Woman has to be halted for this and instead, we’d love to watch historical Filipino films. We’d rather watch cultural shows in the town plaza where children would be dancing the tinikling, sayaw sa bangko, maglalatik and the like. We would love to hear chorale groups singing “Bayan Ko,” in parks. We would want to watch neoclassical ballets in CCP (Komiks is one of those amazing choreographies we have seen, and it is 100% Filipino).

What about food? What about it? Can we have a Filipino food festival, street fairs and the like?

It is, to our belief, the best time to appreciate and experience Filipino culture because you don’t have anything else to identify with except this. Wala kaming pakialam kung ano man citizenship ninyo ngayon, ang punto namin dito, Pilipino tayo – sa isip, sa puso, sa diwa. Let us not reduce this to another long weekend.


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