30 Jan It is NOT about you Mr. President



JUAN SAYS: We cried with her, as she bravely stood in front of government officials, family and friends of those who were massacred during the SAF ‘misencounter’ that led to the killing of 44 members of SAF.  “All I ask is justice for my husband …and for everyone who fought and fell,” she said. And we are too. We are looking for answers to our countless questions that have been piling up since Monday. Justice, we cry out. No words we can give, no memes we can post can ever take away the pain and the anguish that the widows, orphans and parents feel as they look at the bodies of their loved ones for the very last time. Yet at the same time, we feel disgusted by the President’s actions in the last couple of days. The weird speech explaining the incident, the no-show during the arrival ceremonies in Villamor and his self-inclusion as he delivered his necrological speech for the fallen in Camp Bagong Diwa this morning. Did we mention that he was non-fashionably late?
Nobody can really comprehend the pain of losing one’s spouse in combat, nor to have no means to cure sick parents, or to send the fatherless to school. Nobody can really comprehend how it is to shed blood and sweat to make ends meet to send kids to school only to be killed in an unplanned, ill-supervised bloody combat, which could have been well prevented IF the necessary precautions and rules of engagement were followed. Nobody can ever understand that pain, not even if you had a father who was killed on the tarmac. Not even if you had a father for a National Hero.
And as many of us would understand, especially those who have lost a loved one or two, it is almost shocking to hear someone say “I know exactly how you feel,” and then goes on blabbing about his own story, drawing attention to himself, instead of giving a concrete solution to how justice will be attained. This is not exactly about you, Mr. President, nor your father, nor your harrowing experiences when he got killed, nor the past administrations. Again not everything is about you. And please extend this message to your sister.


Saan ba nakakabili ng empathy? Maibili nga itong nawawalang pangulo.



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