06 Feb Is this what we really, really want? Jordanian King wages all out war on Isis



JUAN SAYS: We have seen a number of people posting photos of Jordanian King Abdullah on their social networking sites. Some even went as far as saying ‘buti pa sila,’ most probably referring to the King’s all-out war declaration on the ISIS when the terrorist group burned a Jordanian pilot alive. Though we feel for the nation’s outcry and outpour of sentiments from the actions, or the lack of it, of our President; we’d like everyone to think about this first.


Is this what we really want? An all out war with the MILF and the BIFF? So you’d want to send all our troops to annihilate the Moro rebels, hoping against hope that they don’t slaughter us first?

Jordan has arguably the best operatives in the Middle East with its Special Operations Command (Socom), and what do we have?

A. Ill-equipped army and police force because that stupid woman Napoles and accused politicians were in cahoots to pocket the money for themselves.

B. A government who is allegedly bent on winning the Nobel Peace Prize, or the accolades from the US, in exchange for the lives of 44 of its elite SAF forces.

C. A suspended Police Chief calling the shots and telling his officers NOT to inform anyone of the operation, then freezes along with the commander-in-chief, when all plans are thwarted, and men are losing their lives.

D. A commander-in-chief who doesn’t have a clue on what the f*** is going on, thereby loses the respect of his troops.

E. A DILG Secretary who supposedly did what is right and completely balks on it, just when the people and the police force, the army in general, needed a hero to #StandWithThePeople

F. A cheering-squad for a presidential sister who wants nothing but to talk about herself.

G. All of the above, and more.

Remember, Jordan has a King, and we have the ‘Emperor with New Clothes.’


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