01 Aug Is Korina the Next First Lady?



JUAN SAYS: We would like to believe that Korina Sanchez has been prepping up to become the First Lady the moment she said yes to Mar Roxas. We wouldn’t be surprised if “part of the package” offered to the big K was being side-by-side Roxas as he campaigned for the highest electoral position of the land. After all, she was the former girlfriend of current President PNoy, and many of us felt for Korina when hubby gave way to PNoy in the last presidential elections. “Shit! I married the wrong politician,” we all thought of her saying. But today, her time has come to take on the campaign trail and be the best wife-partner-tandem-first-lady-in-waiting to Roxas. Korina we would like to think is ripe to be the First Lady. She had done her due diligence when it comes to the “roles that the First Lady” play. If you simply know her by just watching her shows on TV, you will blindly fall in love with Korina. After all, she is pretty, she has brains and is highly opinionated (a detriment to a point). But the question here is this: are we ready to have the most opinionated woman become our First Lady? Do we fear that in a way she will be controlling Mar the way a certain First Lady who loves shows used to?
Remember that behind every powerful man is a woman, that determines his success of his downfall.
We’re still fifty-fifty about Mar, he has his own good points and bad points, sadly Korina is no deal breaker to swing us to the voting on the affirmative. Truth be told, it made us even question Roxas more with his choice of a spouse. But then again, better than Elenita don’t you think? Or worse, would you rather have Kris Aquino as First Lady? Sige, choose the lesser evil na lang.
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