11 Jun Is it a he or a she? The sporting world has gotten us confused



JUAN SAYS: We seriously do NOT understand this. And until such time that gender testing has been done and results have been made public, we can only speculate. What is clear though is that a person who looks like a man, ticked the MALE gender box on his facebook, is playing on the women’s volleyball team of Indonesia. Now we are confused.


We can only speculate that Aprilia Santini Manganang is a transsexual, and if so our question remains, why is he (to be editorially correct, we are using the pronoun HE, not because we are assuming that the person is a transman, but because in our English 101 class we were taught that HE, MAN, and any other words referring to a man is a UNIVERSAL word which can encompass all genders. WTF.) playing on the women’s volleyball team? As per our understanding, when you are a transgender (a transman or a transwoman) you cross over to the gender of preference rather rely on you physicality to dictate which gender you belong to. Are we correct in this assumption? So again, why is he playing on the women’s volleyball team? As a transgender, shouldn’t he be the first one to say that he is NOT a woman (no matter if the person still has the kifi), but he is in fact a man in heart and spirit (and physique if you just take a good look at him), from the beginning.

Also, transgenders do undergo hormone replacements thus giving them the body of a man (or a woman). In this manner, this maybe the reason why boobs are shrinking in, they grown body hairs all over, muscle building, among many other changes. And these hormones do affect their performance on and off the court.

In our assumption of Manganang as a transman has led us to question if the world of sports have a different take on transsexuals when competing. Isn’t it supposed to be all encompassing, that the trans should compete in the gender group that they really belong to? If we are really talking about equality here, then why don’t we let the transmen and transwomen compete in the gender category where they truly belong? Transmen, if we take it by their definition, should compete in the men’s category, not just in volleyball however, but in all sports. Name it, basketball, tennis, boxing, mixed martial arts.

And while we’re at it, should Caitlyn Jenner be stripped off her medals since she competed in the wrong category in the 70s? She was a woman in the first place? But then again, we could be wrong.

We are confused. We expect more from the transgenders to stand up for themselves, and say who they are without fear. Refuse to play in the category where you are not supposed to play in. If you are a man, then play in the men’s category. Ayan tayo eh, minsan entitled. Kung saan makakalamang, doon ka. Hindi pwedeng ganun. Equality nga diba? No special treatments. If you are a man, dress the part, wear the part, be the part. And as they say, take it like a man, no questions asked.

Are we making sense here? We know we do.
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