01 May In our 40s and Single


Disclaimer: This post is in no way a form of attack to those who have chosen otherwise. This is merely a tale of commonalities between friends who run this website.


If you knew us, the people behind juan.com.ph, you would know that there is one thing in common amongst us (well, aside from the fact that we all came from the magazine industry). We are all single. Single meaning never been married, never had kids, and to this day, we don’t have a significant other to talk about. We are one of those who have been taunted by our parents and families at that every family reunion. We are always the “palaisipan” of the bunch. We have been asked a hundred times when will we ever settle down, and the answer will always be the same: “in God’s time.”

It is borne out of choice really, to be single at 40, due to a broken heart, a broken promise, a phobia brought about by close family members who have managed to destroy the very image of what is marriage to us. Or simply, we just know that we are better off single. Life is easier that way. We get to do the things that we love to do without having to consider someone else’s comforts. We have no responsibility whatsoever (well, we do pay our bills and we do go out of the country from time to time). Life has been nothing but glorious.

There will be days when we would want to go home to someone. But then again, as we all turn our computers on and binge on our favorite series on Netflix, all the “sadness” goes away.

So here we are, JUAN (or the people behind it), has reached that age where we are expected to be something that we are not. Some would look at us as failures, some would even think of us as outcasts. Indeed, there must be something wrong with us.

Nowadays, being 40 and single with no baggage is a luxury. People no longer feel the need to run to the altar and pledge their undying love and loyalty to somebody just because. 40-single is already a lifestyle, a conscious decision taken by a brave few who would not settle for less than what they want. It is for the brave, for those who are not afraid to be alone. It is for those who have already come to accept themselves and those who enjoy their own company.

So JUAN takes a new step. Today, we start telling tales and adventures of the 40s who are living the life. We share what we see and how we see it. We tell you about our work, our spare time, and the many things that we do on evenings and weekends while everyone else who is at our age, are busy with building a “home,” carrying their babies, making their children’s homework. We know, we know, there is nothing wrong with that kind of life. Yet, there is nothing wrong with our lives too.

Are you ready to take a peek?


Sisa Zaragoza

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