10 Feb ‘I gave advice, not orders, your honor.’ – Purisima



“I was guiding them, your honor… for operation security purposes,” Purisima said.

During the mission update, the PNP chief reiterated that he only gave “advice” and not orders.

JUAN SAYS: The lesson of the day is the difference between an “order” and an “advice.” Now we too are confused. As far as we know, an order is a direction given by a superior while an advice is sought. If General Napenas never asked for the advice of General Purisima, then it was an order — an illegal one since General Purisima is under suspension at the time.
Why are we playing with jargons here? Why are there categorical answers when all we need is a yes or no? Why can’t the supposed leader of the men in uniform (yes, that is you General Purisima), can’t own up to what they did, if in his mind it was indeed the right thing to do? Have we no balls sir? Why can’t government officials and PNP heads man up? Why do they make a scapegoat out of sacked PNP SAF Chief Napenas?
We are one with you Senator Franklin Drillon when you said: “I give up.”
Ang tanong ng bayan, ano ang ulam nyo kanina sa hearing sa Senado at ilang cups ng rice ang nakain nyo General Purisima? Nag-‘order’ ka ba ng lunch? O nag-advise ka lang na kakain ka ng lunch? Balita naming banned ka na sa restaurants dahil nililito mo rin pati waiters kung ano ang ‘order’ mo at ano ang advise mo! Teka sir, magkaiba rin po pala ang ibig sabihin ng advice at advise. Fyi. (Read it here)




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