08 May How Do You Solve A Problem Like reGINA?



If you’ve seen her videos, if you’ve watched her on live streaming and on TV as she received the news of her rejection as DENR Secretary, you could see a semblance of what she is like in person. After all, actions don’t like. Her stresses on her statements, her pauses in her speeches, and sometimes the highs and lows of her voice as she adamantly points out what SHOULD BE DONE and how IT SHOULD BE, is, to some extent, do not remind you of the many people in her life.


Yes, Gina Lopez is different, uncomfortably different. She maybe that girl that you never wanted to date because she was headstrong with the things she believed in and stood up for. She is the girl who you do not want to cross paths with or consciously avoid because you know that she will be damning everything that gets in her way.

If the explanations of Senator Cayetano and that of Congressman Floirendo would be believed, Gina railroads everything, sometimes does what is not within the bounds of protocol, just to get what she wants, for the environment at least.

Word in the streets, as Tito Sotto would say, the likes of Gina could be considered “The Brat,” or “The Bitch.” She is nice is some ways, but when she totally gets mad about certain things, especially with the things that she believes in, she doubles the intensity of her words that seem to cut you right across the chest.

People like Gina would always be misconstrued. People like Gina are dangerous to a point. Indeed she might ignore process and protocols because for her those are just delaying tactics to achieving the goal. In her mind, everybody waits for the red tape to finish before we get to the real problem. She may impose sanctions and dance around the law, sometimes using it to her advantage. But when she zeros in on one particular law, THE MANDATE of the constitution for the sake of argument, she sticks by it with every ounce of strength she has. And when she fights for something that is truly close to her heart, expect the fury and the rage to anything that will stand in her way. Not even when you are a senator, nor even when you are the Commission on Appointments. Believe us when we say, she doesn’t give a SHIT.

This attitude, to a point, may pose problems for the President, as pointed out by Senator Cayetano. BUT what Senator Cayetano has failed to see, and the rest of the CA members is Gina’s heart. Again, if you watch her videos, if you see all her plans for the environment and her fight against illegal mining, you will come to understand that Gina’s heart is in the right place. She is so passionate about her cause that many times it can rub off people in government the wrong way. She stands up for it, with balls bigger than most politicians COMBINED. She doesn’t care if it hurts the mining companies, because truly, how can one manage to take everything from mother earth without considering the lasting effects to the future generations?

Do we focus on the legalities and the nitpicking when all this time, we should have been focusing on the environment and the damage that some companies have done that has adverse effects on the generations to come? We are so focused on the behavior, better yet the process, the red tape, when all this time we could’ve cut the crap and throw the punches to beat the crap out of these environmental issues.

As seasoned lawyers and politicians, as “mature individuals” so to speak, the members of Congress should know that there is a way to working around Gina. Why can’t they just pair Gina with someone who is well-versed with the law and the processes so she might at least listen to someone else’s advice? Why can’t they just team her up with a person on integrity who can reel her in before she starts beating the crap out of people? Why can’t they just be there to expedite the process for Gina because, as we all know she is doing the RIGHT thing?

Vested interests perhaps?

If you’ve been reading through social media, you can feel the overwhelming support of the netizens for Gina. We all know that she must be doing something right. What confuses us and makes us angry today is the fact that our elected leaders do not seem to recognize what we all see in Gina. We see beyond the attitude, the so-called drama and the legalistic views of her actions. We see what she is doing, what was supposed to be done a long time ago. Finally, we say, there is someone who truly cares about the environment, someone who would stand up for what she believes in, expose the truth and fight with all her damned might. We found ourselves a champion

Truly, it will not be easy to contain someone like Gina. But it won’t be easier to find someone with a heart like hers.




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